• ETSI Open Source MANO gets ready for upcoming Hackfest and 5G Day

    A few weeks after the successful launch of Release FIVE, ETSI OSM gets ready for its Hackfest event taking place on 4-8 February 2019 in Barcelona.

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  • ETSI Open Source MANO announces Release FIVE, 5G ready

    ETSI is excited to announce the availability of OSM Release FIVE. This new Release is a huge step towards 5G network deployments and their end-to-end orchestration by telecom operators.

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  • ETSI OSM reaches its 100th member and gets ready for 5G.

    ETSI Open Source MANO has just reached the critical number of 100 participating organizations in the group.

    A wide range of industry players are involved in the OSM community.

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  • ETSI Open Source MANO announces Release FOUR, moving faster than ever

    Bringing a large set of new features and enhancements, this version is the most ambitious and innovative OSM Release to date and constitutes a huge leap forward in terms of functionality, user experience and maturity.

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  • Is NFV reaching its prime time? 2nd ETSI NFV Plugtests from the MANO perspective.

    Gianpietro Lavado, an ETSI OSM participant from Whitestack wrote a great blog post series.

    In his final post, he shares with us the MANO perspective, talks about the 2 commercial OSM solutions and why his company selected OSM for building their NFV product.

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  • Open Source MANO announces Release THREE

    Expedites adoption in production environments

    ETSI Open Source MANO group (ETSI OSM) announces finalization of OSM Release THREE, keeping the pace of a release every 6 months.

    This release includes a large set of new capabilities as well as numerous enhancements in terms of scalability, performance, resiliency, security and user experience that facilitate its adoption in production environments.

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  • OSM Community honoured as best Open Source Development initiative at SDN NFV World Congress 2017

    The ETSI Open Source MANO project has been recognized as a leading global NFV orchestration initiative at this week's SDN NFV World Congress in The Hague, Netherlands. Winning the inaugural Network Transformation Award in the Ecosystem and Partnership category as the Best Open Source Development project showcases the contributions and commitment of all of the currently 81 organizations participating in OSM.

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  • Open Source MANO announces Release TWO

    Advanced interoperability, scalability and hybrid cloud capabilities to meet operators’ needs

    Continuing to meet operators’ needs for predictable, high-quality open source MANO releases, the ETSI Open Source MANO group (ETSI OSM) today announces OSM Release TWO. This release brings significant improvements in terms of interoperability, performance, stability, security, and resources footprint to meet operators’ requirements for trials and upcoming RFx processes.

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  • Open Source MANO reaches 60 members, adds Verizon as new operator member

    Open Source MANO, the largest open source MANO initiative, showcases momentum with new members Atos, CableLabs and Verizon, and Mobile World Congress demonstrations

    ETSI’s Open Source MANO today welcomes its newest members, with Atos, CableLabs and Verizon joining the group making a total of 60 organizations working together to shape NFV networks in the largest open source MANO initiative.

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  • Open Source MANO demos at Mobile World Congress 2017

    A number of OSM community members are showing demos at this year's Mobile World Congress.

    We're maintaining a list of demos. Please check back regularly as more community members release details.

    DevOps in Service Chains and 5G Network Slices
    Telenor, Arctos Labs, Cisco, Intel, Netrounds, and RIFT.io

    RADCOM MaveriQ portfolio running on Open Source MANO

    Network Services with Integrated VNF Verification
    Ixia, Canonical, DataArt Solutions and Sonus


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  • 50 organizations have joined the OSM community to shape NFV networks in 2017

    Following the publication of Release ONE in early October 2016, the OSM community continues to embrace new contributing organizations with more than 50 organizations coming together to develop production-grade Management and Orchestration (MANO) Software for deployment in 2017. This new milestone in community growth is closely mirrored by the strong interest that OSM Release ONE has seen in the global MANO ecosystem; more than 800 downloads from more than 50 countries in less than four weeks after release are a testament of the interest and engagement that the OSM community has been able to create with a broad set of operators, software vendors, system integrators and others.

    Looking ahead to the ETSI NFV Plugtest #1, the operator-led OSM initiative is excited about providing an open software platform for interoperability testing of Virtual Network Functions to enable a global ecosystem of software providers, and to provide tangible input into the ETSI MANO standardization process. Join the OSM community to build a production-quality MANO stack that meets the requirements of commercial NFV networks.

  • Open Source MANO Release ONE now available

    ETSI’s Open Source MANO (OSM) group has today announced the availability of its OSM Release ONE, an open source Management and Orchestration (MANO) software stack closely aligned with ETSI NFV, and focused on helping industry accelerate the implementation of network virtualization. The OSM community aims to deliver a production-quality open source MANO stack that meets the requirements of commercial NFV networks.

    Available less than six months since the inaugural meeting of the OSM community, Release ONE has been engineered, tested and documented to allow for rapid installation in operator labs worldwide that seek to create a scalable and interoperable open source MANO environment. Release ONE substantially enhances interoperability with other components (VNFs, VIMs, SDN controllers) and creates a plugin framework to make platform maintenance and extensions significantly easier to provide and support.

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  • A Conversation with the OSM Leadership Group

    Release ONE of the ETSI Open Source MANO (OSM) project marks a milestone from a community growth and software maturity perspective. To mark this occasion and based on the following five discussion areas, the members of the OSM Marketing Task Force engaged in a conversation with the OSM Leadership Group —Francisco-Javier Ramón, Andy Reid and Pål Grønsund— to get their perspectives on what we have accomplished, the importance of Release ONE to meet operator needs and their view of the project’s future.

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  • group photo

    Growing OSM community completes Release 1 mid-cycle working session to confirm September launch

    ETSI’s Open Source MANO (OSM) community held their first technical mid-release face-to-face meeting (MR#1) at the end of June to outline the requirements and development sprints for the upcoming Release 1, and to gather and document input for the longer-term architectural OSM roadmap. It was great to see more than 45 people gather in Madrid! The OSM community’s spirit of openness, close technical collaboration and focus on rapidly delivering working code to meet the requirements from its operator end-user advisory group resulted in substantive progress and agreement on interfaces, functional development areas and even two impromptu hackathons! Following OSM Release 0 at the end of May, Release 1 in September is targeted to enter NFV labs worldwide.

    Key presentations and new features discussed during the MR#1 sessions can be found in the OSM WIKI and by checking the latest information in the OSM Gerrit instance. Please note that the proposals, presentations and follow-ups on action items are reflective of the dynamic growth of the Open Source MANO community and may therefore be frequently updated.

    • Madrid, 1 July 2016
  • Photo of Adrian Hoban

    Q&A with ETSI OSM Technical Steering Committee Chair, Adrian Hoban (Intel Corp)

    Adrian Holban gives us an exclusive interview on the goals of TSC, what Release 0 will bring to the community and much more.

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  • Open Source MANO delivers Release 0 ahead of schedule

    Community grows to 30 members

    ETSI’s Open Source MANO (OSM) initiative has today announced the availability of its Release 0 code package, a month ahead of schedule.

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  • OSM demo @TMForum Live! Nice

    ETSI OSM members and participants Telefónica, Indra and Comptel, plus Etiya, showed the Proof of Concept called “NFV Service Orchestration and Lifecycle Management based on Open Source MANO” in the TMForum event Live! 2016 that took place in Nice the 9th-12th of May.

    The demonstration showcased the use of the northbound interfaces exposed by OSM for Network Scenario onboarding, instantiation and management by Comptel’s FlowOne, which was acting as a E2E Orchestrator, managing both virtual and physical infrastructure. The scenario was an enrichment of what was shown on the MWC’16, this time including integration with real-world OSS/BSS and covering a hybrid environment.

    The booth was busy all the time, receiving more than 75 visits, with delegates from service providers such as Orange, BT, Vodafone, KDDI, Turkcell, SK Telecom, Globe, NTT y ATT and others. Attendants could see how an scenario of increasing complexity, composed of a number of virtual routers, traffic generator, physical router and an IMS core was composed and deployed using Comptel’s FlowOne user interface. Finally, user accounts were provisioned using Etiya’s Telaura CRM with a real phone-call as grand finale. Delegates showed interests in many different areas: about the state of OSM software, participants in the initiative, about the OSS/BSS systems used in the demo or even on NFV state of the art in general.

  • ETSI Open Source MANO sets ambitious delivery plans

    The ETSI Open Source MANO (OSM) group successfully completed its inaugural meeting at ETSI in Sophia Antipolis, France, to lay the technical and community engagement foundations for the group’s 2016 roadmap.

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  • New ETSI group develops Open Source for NFV

    A new ETSI group has commenced development of Open Source software for Management and Orchestration (MANO) of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). The open source implementation will be aligned with ETSI’s NFV Industry Specification Group (ISG).

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