ETSI Open Source MANO announces OSM Release ELEVEN

Sophia Antipolis, 7 December 2021: ETSI is pleased to announce OSM Release ELEVEN. Committed since its foundation to the alignment with ETSI standardization work, this release completes the adoption of two new ETSI NFV specifications, ETSI GS NFV-SOL004 and ETSI GS NFV-SOL007 for package formats. Standards adoption is part of the OSM vision to enable interoperability and a large and healthy NFV ecosystem. In addition, Release ELEVEN includes significant functional extensions in areas such as interoperability with public clouds, interaction with cloud-native environments and integration of network functions of different natures.

OSM is also aligning with the most recent market needs, by implementing the latest technologies for managing Containerized Network Functions (CNFs). This is a major differentiator in the orchestration space, and an important requirement for deploying 5G network functions and higher.

The highlights of release ELEVEN:

  • Support of standardized VNF and NS package formats: Adopting the most recent ETSI NFV standards for VNF and NS packaging, increasing interoperability between OSM and different products on the market.
  • Additional public cloud support: VIM plugin for Google Cloud: Completing the infrastructure support for the three largest public cloud providers, i.e., Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and now Google Cloud Platform
  • Fine-grained operations in CNFs: Additional types of operations have been enabled for cloud-native Network Functions, offering the ability to, for example, start and stop services, run one-shot commands or push/pull config files into the pods by API.
  • Better integration across PNFs, VNFs, and CNFs: Enhanced data exchange mechanisms to allow advanced hybrid deployments with Physical, Virtual, and Cloud-native Network Functions.
  • CNF monitoring from Kubernetes metrics: Expansion of monitoring in OSM to collect metrics from Kubernetes clusters in a centralized Grafana dashboard.
  • Enhanced installation process: Supporting the latest Ubuntu LTS release, and better tracking of the installation process.


During the recent OSM#12 Ecosystem Day, the presentations included a Release ELEVEN overview that you can watch at

We reached Release ELEVEN with a community that has grown to 150 organizations and many individual contributors, who bring the expertise that enables OSM functionality and adoption.

ETSI OSM is a comprehensive open-source management and orchestration solution for Physical, Virtual and Containerized Network Functions in private and public clouds, with three robust commercial distributions, and multiple commercial deployments by network operators.


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