Open Source MANO

Open Source Mano is an ETSI-hosted project to develop an Open Source NFV Management and Orchestration (MANO) software stack aligned with ETSI NFV. 

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OSM Launch

ETSI OSM creation was announced on 22 February 2016 and the OSM Kick-off meeting was held at ETSI on 4-7 April 2016, where ambitious delivery plans were set.

Download OSM Release ONE

OSM Release ONE was announced on 4 October 2016, following the announcement of Release 0 on 26th May 2016: download OSM Release ONE installer or check out Release ONE documentation and the OSM Release ONE Technical Overview White Paper


OSM code seeds were demonstrated at MWC 2016: watch the demo, learn more (demo details) or download the white paper developed by the OSM Founding Members.


Layering, Simplicity, Modularity and Abstraction

key guiding architectural tenets

OSM Highlights

ETSI NFV Alignment

OSM will be closely aligned with the evolution of ETSI NFV and will provide a regularly updated reference implementation of NFV MANO.

Open Source

ETSI OSM uses well-established tools and methods to develop code under the Apache Public License 2.0.

Founding Members

ETSI OSM was created by a group of Service Providers and Solution Vendors including BT, Canonical, Intel, Mirantis,, Telefónica and Telenor, which is growing rapidly. Check OSM members and participants.

Open Community

Participation to OSM is open to members and non-members of ETSI, as well as individual developers and end users from all across the globe. Check how to join or learn more about OSM.