OSM is delivering an open source Management and Orchestration (MANO) stack aligned with ETSI NFV Information Models. As an operator-led community, OSM is offering a production-quality open source MANO stack that meets the requirements of commercial NFV networks.

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ETSI NFV Alignment

OSM will be closely aligned with the evolution of ETSI NFV and will provide a regularly updated reference implementation of NFV MANO.

Open Source

ETSI OSM uses well-established tools and methods to develop code under the Apache Public License 2.0.

Open Community

Participation to OSM is open to members and non-members of ETSI, as well as individual developers and end users from all across the globe. Check how to join or learn more about OSM.


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Open Source MANO announces Release THREE

14 November 2017 at Sophia Antipolis

Expedites adoption in production environments

ETSI Open Source MANO group (ETSI OSM) announces finalization of OSM Release THREE, keeping the pace of a release every 6 months.

This release includes a large set of new capabilities as well as numerous enhancements in terms of scalability, performance, resiliency, security and user experience that facilitate its adoption in production environments.


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Layer 123 Network Transformation Award 2017 banner

OSM Community honoured as best Open Source Development initiative at SDN NFV World Congress 2017

12 October 2017 at The Hague

The ETSI Open Source MANO project has been recognized as a leading global NFV orchestration initiative at this week's SDN NFV World Congress in The Hague, Netherlands. Winning the inaugural Network Transformation Award in the Ecosystem and Partnership category as the Best Open Source Development project showcases the contributions and commitment of all of the currently 81 organizations participating in OSM.


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Open Source MANO announces Release TWO

27 April 2017 at Sophia Antipolis

Advanced interoperability, scalability and hybrid cloud capabilities to meet operators’ needs

Continuing to meet operators’ needs for predictable, high-quality open source MANO releases, the ETSI Open Source MANO group (ETSI OSM) today announces OSM Release TWO. This release brings significant improvements in terms of interoperability, performance, stability, security, and resources footprint to meet operators’ requirements for trials and upcoming RFx processes.


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“OpenStack has been a key enabler for radical transformation in the telecom industry, but there is still important work to be done in bridging the OSM and OpenStack communities and projects. Mirantis pioneered a popular NFV orchestration project in OpenStack (Murano), which today is used and co-engineered by carriers and telecom vendors such as AT&T, Saudi Telecom, Comcast, Telefonica, Fujitsu, Cisco, Huawei, and countless others. The formation of OSM will unite us in driving projects like Murano forward.”

Boris Renski

CMO, Mirantis

“Management and Orchestration (MANO) is, at the same time, one of the key components and most controversial concepts in network virtualization architecture. Telefónica has long been working from the point of view of innovation in its development. A first result and seed of OSM is OpenMANO, a highly functional framework pioneering the first open source NFV Orchestration and Management stack and, currently, a key component of Telefónica’s NFV Reference Lab. By joining this community, we aim to accelerate the development of MANO while recognizing the value of open-source implementations of NFV and a need to harmonize efforts there.”

Antonio Elizondo

Head of Network Virtualisation Strategy and Technology, Global CTO Unit, Telefónica

“ETSI OSM complements the work of the ETSI NFV ISG and vice versa. It will provide an opportunity to capitalize on the synergy between standardization and open source approaches by accessing a greater and more diverse set of contributors and developers than would normally be possible. This maximizes innovation, efficiency and time to market and ensures a continuing series of conformant reference implementations.”

Luis Jorge Romero

Director General, ETSI

“The ETSI OSG Open Source MANO (OSM) initiative will facilitate the development of open source software for management and orchestration of future networks. Knowledge, capabilities and solutions within this area will be of critical importance to Telenor when virtualizing the network for increased flexibility, faster service delivery, rapid innovation and operational efficiency.”

Patrick Waldemar

Vice President, Telenor Research

“Proprietary management and automation approaches have impeded NFV deployments. Service providers recognize the need for a standardized MANO information model delivered in conjunction with an open source MANO platform to cultivate a robust commercial NFV supplier ecosystem. I’m thrilled with the progress OSM has made to meet these needs and its growing industry acceptance.”

Matt Harper

OSM Technical Steering Committee, CTO, RIFT.io