50 organizations have joined the OSM community to shape NFV networks in 2017

Following the publication of Release ONE in early October 2016, the OSM community continues to embrace new contributing organizations with more than 50 organizations coming together to develop production-grade Management and Orchestration (MANO) Software for deployment in 2017. This new milestone in community growth is closely mirrored by the strong interest that OSM Release ONE has seen in the global MANO ecosystem; more than 800 downloads from more than 50 countries in less than four weeks after release are a testament of the interest and engagement that the OSM community has been able to create with a broad set of operators, software vendors, system integrators and others.

Looking ahead to the ETSI NFV Plugtest #1, the operator-led OSM initiative is excited about providing an open software platform for interoperability testing of Virtual Network Functions to enable a global ecosystem of software providers, and to provide tangible input into the ETSI MANO standardization process. Join the OSM community to build a production-quality MANO stack that meets the requirements of commercial NFV networks.