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This page provides a list of organisations providing OSM compatible Virtual Network Functions (VNFs). Click on the logos for additional details.

A10.png Space.png The A10 vThunder software appliances enables network operators to deploy secure application services in their cloud infrastructure. The vThunder is a high-performance software that supports advanced virtualization techniques such as PCI-PassThrough, SR-IOV, DPDK and Virt-IO enabling operators to scale anywhere from a few Mbps to 100 Gbps. The software architecture is fully API-driven and seamlessly integrates with various management tools, third party consoles for automation and supports devops use cases. The A10 vThunder is a cloud ready VNF that is supported on all OpenStack VIMs and can be orchestrated by ETSI OSM and other MANO solutions. A10 vThunder includes the following secure application services:
  • ADC (Application Delivery Controller) - Implement virtualized L4-L7 server load balancing to optimize, accelerate and secure your web applications
  • CGNAT (Carrier Grade NAT) - Deliver advanced carrier-grade networking for CGNAT and IPv4-to-IPv6 migration. Automate on demand provisioning of IPv4 and other L4-L7 tenant services, quickly and efficiently, to avoid business disruptions due to IPv4/IPv6 compatibility issue
  • CFW - Secure high-value assets from attacks with a data center firewall, encrypt data at massive scale with an IPsec VPN, protect mobile core infrastructure with a Gi/SGi firewall, and uncover threats in SSL traffic with a secure web gateway.

Alpha.png Space.png Alpha Networks Inc. was founded in 2003 and is currently one of the largest professional network equipment manufacturers in Taiwan. With years of profound experience in product development and design, Alpha Networks has been a major service provider for network product design, development and manufacturing for renowned global brand names. The company's product line covers Local and Metropolitan Area Networks LAN/MAN, wireless broadband networks, digital multimedia, corporate mobile solutions, and so forth.

Alpha’s Small Cell BBU, part of the Cloud-RAN solution, is virtualized and deployed by ETSI OSM onto OpenStack to work with various type of RRHs, such as LTE and NB-IoT. The solution also includes SDN controllers, SDN switches, Network Management Systems (NMS), and IoT data management systems to enable complete E2E applications based on LTE or NB-IoT.

Anritsu.png Space.png The Anritsu MasterClaw vProbe is a cloud-ready network monitoring solution enabling network operators to optimize and troubleshoot their virtualized networks. The Anritsu vProbe is an integral part of the MasterClaw Customer Experience Assurance solution and it can be seamlessly integrated with existing MasterClaw installations, giving a single, simplified and effective way to troubleshoot hybrid networks (physical and/or deployed in NFV environments). Deployed as a VNF on top of different Cloud Management Systems the Anritsu MasterClaw vProbe can be orchestrated by ETSI OSM and other MANO solutions, and is compatible with multiple Openstack based VIMs. It can monitor the Control Plane and User-Plane of various virtual networks topologies such as virtual-VoLTE, virtual-VoWIFI, vEPC and vIMS. High performance is achieved by leveraging packet processing optimization technologies which help reduce the overhead introduced by the hypervisor layer and eliminate the need for purpose built hardware.

Athonet.jpg Space.png Athonet provides a complete software-based mobile packet core solution for centralised or highly distributed edge-cloud deployments in Enterprise & Industrial LTE, CBRS, Challenger Telcos, Tier 1 Operators, Governments and Public Safety or mission critical applications. Our full solution (vEPC/vPC) includes a Home Subscriber Server (vHSS), Home Location Register (vHLR), Voice-over-LTE (vIMS for VoLTE), LTE Broadcast (eMBMS), supports NB-IoT and MC-PTT. It is one of the industry's most efficient mobile core solutions that can be deployed in fully virtualised environments, enterprise data centres or on standard off-the-shelf servers.

Empirix.gif Space.png EvA (Empirix Virtual Agent) is the new Virtual Empirix System Architecture (vESA) component for the live traffic data capture and analysis. It replaces the traditional probes with a very modular and flexible concept based on Microservices that can be individually executed in dedicated Virtual Machines or on Bare Metal.

Fortinet.png Space.png Fortinet FortiGate-VM virtual appliance is one of the industry’s most robust Next Generation FW for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) core network security and managed security services delivery. As a consolidated security Virtual Network Function (VNF), FortiGate-VM delivers a wide range of Internet and CSP-specific security services and capabilities, including:
  • GTP Firewalling and Diameter Verification
  • Security Gateway (SeGW) functionality
  • Gi-LAN NGFW & End User Security Services
  • Carrier-Grade SIP Security
  • CG-NAT and IPv6 migration
  • NSH Support
  • Multitenancy with Virtual Domains (VDOMs)
  • Application Control, IPS, AV, Web Filtering, etc.

FortiGate-VM VNF is integrated with ETSI OSM and all major virtual infrastructure technologies and providers (such as OpenStack and VMware), MANO providers (such as Amdocs, Nokia and Ericsson), OPNFV, TOSCA and SDN providers (such as Nuage Networks, Cisco and VMware).

Hillstone.jpg Space.png Hillstone Virtual Next-Generation Firewall, CloudEdge, embedded with the Hillstone Networks StoneOS operation system, is deployed as a virtual machine, and provides advanced security services for applications and users in any virtualized environment. It provides comprehensive security features including granular application identification and control, VPN, intrusion prevention, anti-virus, attack defense and cloud-sandbox to fully keep a business secure and operational. It provides price- performance solutions for both public and private cloud customers, and can be rapidly provisioned and deployed at scale.

The Hillstone CloudEdge is a cloud ready VNF that can be deployed in a wide variety of fully virtualized environments and orchestrated using Open Source MANO (ETSI OSM) or other MANO solutions.

Indra.png Space.png Indra iAAA is a Radius and Diameter engine designed to be used as a 3GPP AAA server or PCRF server in convergent broadband telco networks. Designed for the performance and manageability required by tier-1 operators, it supports auto-scaling and configuration based on open APIs. The virtual edition, ready to deploy in ETSI OSM Rel FOUR, is a complex VNF comprising a scaling group with multiple worker servers, a balancer to expose a single point of usage, an in-memory session database, and a configuration server. A single VNF may scale to hundreds of thousands of requests per second. It implements, among others, 3GPP SWx, SWm, Gx and Sy interfaces off-the-shelf. In addition, custom behaviors may be easily implemented when needed using standard Javascript.

Italtel.jpg Space.png Italtel's NetMatch-S Cloud Inside (NM-S CI) is a fully featured SBC that can be used in all the possible network architectures allowing the implementation of several interconnection scenarios in all-IP networks.

Italtel designed a new software architecture according to both “cloud native” patterns and the ETSI Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) standard, providing a “future proof” implementation. In particular, the intense effort to comply with NFV is proven by the implementation of the standard REST interface on the VNF (ETSI NFV-SOL002) and by the interoperability tests carried out with OpenSourceMANO and other MANO solutions during the NFV Plugtests events organised by ETSI. The VNF internal architecture, based on microservices, is composed by five interworking VNF Components (VNFCs): an Operation and Maintenance module, a states database used to store the information of the active signalling sessions, an efficient front-end load balancer, that receives the network traffic and distributes it to the component managing the control plane and to the Border Gateway function, engaged when audio or media transcoding is required. The property of elasticity, essential for a cloud-based design, is guaranteed by the scaling capability of the VNF even triggered by automatic mechanisms. The main characteristics of NetMatch-S Cloud Inside, as SBC suitable for Interconnection, Access and Enterprise scenarios are:

  • Network Protection & Encryption
  • Session Management & Routing
  • Session & Media Handling
  • Interworking & Interoperability
  • Scalability: from few sessions to potentially unlimited capacity
  • QoS & Policy Enforcement
  • Support of web services & REST API for a complete interconnection to the management layer.

Ixialg.png Space.png Ixia’s IxLoad Wireless is a powerful and easy-to-use solution for comprehensive performance testing of all aspects of LTE nodes and interfaces. Using IxLoad’s real-world subscriber modeling capabilities, testers can generate millions of subscriber sessions to simulate high-scale and realistic conditions without the need to be protocol experts. From a single application, users can perform capacity tests, detail a device’s throughput, measure voice and video quality, and model a wide variety of mobility scenarios given extensive protocol support and advanced modelling features. IxLoad Wireless can be deployed in a wide variety of fully virtualized environments and orchestrated using Open Source MANO (ETSI OSM) or other MANO solutions.

Keynetic.png Space.png Keynetic's FlowNAC is a highly flexible and extensible SDN-based network access control solution, complementary to end-system security. Using a Zero-Trust model, FlowNAC increases the security of the connected assets, as the end user must be authenticated before obtaining access to the network. Through microsegmentation, FlowNAC reduces the exposed attack surface by limiting the lateral movement inside the segment. An updated dashboard shows who is connected to the network and the services currently granted for each user.

By using a centralized security policy defined in business logic, FlowNAC assures overall consistency and simplifies the associated management, allowing to define which services are granted for each authenticated end user or device, following a white-list model. Based on the identity of the end user, FlowNAC enforces the associated policy, which is dynamically deployed with independence to the point of attachment to the network.

FlowNAC is designed as a cloud-native VNF fully integrated with ETSI OSM and has been successfully tested in several Plugtests with the major virtual infrastructure technologies (OpenStack and VMWare).

Mahindra.jpg Space.png Mahindra Comviva's Messaging Solutions are enabling and enriching the mobile messaging experiences of over 1 billion subscribers across geographies. The portfolio comprises of a wide range of highly scalable, available and future ready carrier grade messaging solutions. With a portfolio spanning Integrated Messaging Platforms, Mobile Engagement and Monetization solutions, Anti-SPAM and Grey route consulting, Mahindra Comviva enables mobile operators to accelerate revenue growth, achieve cost efficiencies and deploy innovative monetization strategies.

Mahindra Comviva Messaging platform have participated in the ETSI NFV Plugtests and tested for interoperability with ETSI OSM and other 20 virtual network functions, 10 management and orchestration solutions and 12 NFV platforms. VNFs are tested with major virtual infrastructure technologies (Openstack & VMWare). Comviva’s VNFs come pre-integrated with our own EMS solution, which is capable of taking scaling decisions. It derives actionable business intelligence by collecting product specific KPIs, which acts as visual cues that indicates VNF performance and health and help you make better informed decisions faster.

Mobileum.jpg Space.png Mobileum delivers analytics solutions that generate revenues, reduce costs and accelerate digital transformation for more than 600 communications service providers across 150 countries. Mobileum’s solutions help to grow and protect existing CSP revenue streams, as well as drive new revenues through business model innovation. We focus on specific domains including roaming, counter fraud and security, data monetization and digital transformation. Mobileum’s success is built on its unique Active Intelligence platform which combines analytics and engagement technology with deep network and CSP systems integration to deliver end to end solutions.

Mobileum is based in California’s Silicon Valley, with offices in Argentina, Belgium, Dubai, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Jordan, Singapore and Uruguay.

Netrounds.jpg Space.png Netrounds is a programmable test and service assurance solution using software-based and traffic-generating test agents. The Netrounds Test Agents can be deployed in a wide variety of fully virtualized and public cloud environments and orchestrated using Open Source MANO (ETSI OSM) or other MANO solutions.

Netrounds participated to OSM PoC#1 - DevOps in Service Chains and 5G Network Slices

Netscout.jpg Space.png NETSCOUT® assures digital business services against disruptions in availability, performance, and security. Our market and technology leadership stems from a combination of patented smart data technology and smart analytics. NETSCOUT's innovative solutions, including the vSTREAM™ virtual appliance and vSCOUT™ software, go beyond traditional north-south traffic views, to deliver deep insights with Smart Data into traffic across virtualized networks.
  • vSTREAM virtual appliance is ideal for monitoring and producing Smart Data on service-critical traffic running within virtualized or cloud infrastructures, either locally on a host or as an aggregation point for multiple hosts.
  • vSCOUT is ideal for monitoring and producing Smart Data on services within virtualized hosts in data centers or public cloud environments where traditional packet acquisition techniques are impractical.

Global service providers rely on NETSCOUT for real-time, pervasive visibility, and insights designed to accelerate and secure digital transformation initiatives. Our approach transforms the way organizations plan, deliver, integrate, test, and deploy services and applications.

NETSCOUT solutions enable contextual analysis of service, network, and application performance with support for ETSI OSM, VMware and OpenStack + KVM private cloud, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure public cloud environments, and the Telefonica UNICA reference architecture for network virtualization.

NFWare.png Space.png NFWare develops high-performance VNFs which are based on a brand-new technology for ultra-fast packet processing. NFWare provides level of performance and reliability which was historically associated only with proprietary hardware. Built for a virtual environment from the ground up NFWare's VNFs can easily be integrated into any virtual infrastructure, and orchestrated by ETSI OSM as well as other MANO solutions.

NFWare’s product portfolio:

  • Virtual Carrier-Grade NAT and GiLAN Firewall
  • Virtual Application Delivery Controller / Load Balancer (vADC)
  • Virtual URL- Filtering

NFWare’s customers are Tier-1 operators and Web Scale companies.

Ng4T.png Space.png ng4T develops innovative solutions for verification of next Generation Mobile Communication Networks and Elements. Equipment Manufacturers and Network Operators worldwide use ng4T-products to assure standard-conform behavior of interfaces, network nodes and services. The NG40 vTester fully integrates with ETSI OSM and NFV/SDN based Telco Cloud infrastructures and supports the following services:
  • virtual LTE Access Network (Cloud-RAN)
  • virtual Mobility Management Entity (vMME)
  • virtual Home Subscriber Server (vHSS)
  • virtual Serving Gateway Function (vSGW)
  • virtual Packet Gateway Function (vPGW)
  • virtual Policy and Charging Rules Function (vPCRF)
  • virtual Online Charging System (vOCS)

The services can be run concurrently inside the same VNF or be distributed across up to 7 NG40 vTester VNFs breaking out the relevant 3GPP interfaces. Any service offered by the NG40-vTester can be replaced with a 3rd Party VNF.

OAI logo.jpg Space.png The OpenAirInterface Software Alliance (OSA) is a non-profit consortium fostering a community for open source software and hardware development for the core network (EPC), access network and user equipment. The OpenAirInterface EPC VNF, OAI vEPC, provides individual sub-blocks of the LTE EPC core and full interoperability not only with other VNFs but also other software components such as VIM and orchestration. Being open source, the OAI EPC gives a great degree of flexibility and interoperability options that the community can leverage. In the context of the 3rd ETSI NFV Plugtests in May-June 2018 we demonstrated the OAI EPC components interoperability with ETSI OSM in NFV/SDN based Telco Cloud infrastructures and use cases.

Oracle.png Space.png Oracle Communications Policy Management (OCPM) is a sophisticated policy and charging rules function (PCRF) designed to shape detailed policies that determine how and under what conditions subscribers and applications use network resources. It is designed so that operators can easily add and re-configure the triggers, conditions and actions governed by policies, such as subscriber tiers and entitlements, bandwidth and data volumes, etc.. Oracle Communications Policy Management can be deployed in virtualized environments using KVM, VMware, and OVM hypervisors.

As part of Oracle Communications Policy Management latest release, VNF Descriptors (VNFD) and Network Service Descriptors (NSD) pertaining to Oracle Communications Policy Management VNFCs can be provided to the Resource Orchestrator component of the ETSI OSM architecture for bringing up its VMs. These artifacts also include cloud-init procedure for performing initial configuration (for example, platcfg configuration such as hostname, OAM IP address, Gateway, NTP IP address, DNS and so on) pertaining to Oracle Communications Policy Management VMs.

PaloAlto.jpg Space.png The Palo Alto Networks VM-Series is a virtualized form factor of our Next-Generation Firewall that can be deployed in a range of private and public cloud computing environments based on technologies from VMware, Cisco, Citrix, KVM, OpenStack, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Google. The VM-Series protects your private and public cloud deployments by enabling applications and preventing threats. Traffic is classified based on the application, not the port, giving you full visibility into your threat exposure. This allows you to reduce your threat footprint with application-based policies as well as prevent threats and data exfiltration. The Palo Alto Networks Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) provide high performance, deployment flexibility, agility and scalability to support a wide range of deployment scenarios while assuring consistent security is delivered.
  • The VM-Series models can be integrated with ETSI OSM and other Orchestration systems, 3rd party SDN controllers, SD-WAN solutions, and are configurable in open source environments with OpenStack releases.
  • Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) can leverage VM-Series to build high performing cloud-based next-generation security infrastructure and also to deliver next generation security to enterprise customers across multiple virtualized CPE (vCPE) use cases.
  • Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) can leverage VM-Series with high performance and scalability to support various core network virtualization (NFV/SDN) scenarios. The VM-Series are optimized to deliver industry-leading performance and can be deployed as an NFV security component in service provider environments supporting multiple mobile network deployment scenarios including: Next-Generation GTP Security for 4G and 5G Enhanced Packet Core (vEPC) networks, Virtualized Next-Generation Gi/SGi Firewall for Gi/SGi-LAN, Next-Generation Firewall for Virtualized IP Multimedia Services (vIMS), Service Function Chaining (SFC), and Virtualized Access Networks (Cloud RAN).

RADCOM logo.png Space.png RADCOM Network Intelligence provides telecom operators an end-to-end solution for virtualized tapping, packet brokering, load balancing, and network probing to assure the customer experience for the transition to SDN/NFV and 5G. RADCOM Network Intelligence supports voice, data, and video services for multiple NFV/SDN use cases like vIMS, vEPC, vPGW, vDRA, and SD-WAN.

Deployed as a Virtual Network Function (VNF) with multiple VNFC (VNF Components) RADCOM Network Intelligence is cloud-native and supported on OpenStack or VMWare VIMs and is orchestrated by ETSI OSM and other MANO solutions (Amdocs, ECOMP, HP, ONAP, Nokia, Telefonica UNICA) and instantiated in minutes. Integration with NFV MANO enables a new approach to service assurance, network visibility, and customer experience management by moving operators from traditional reactive monitoring to on-demand, proactive monitoring. RADCOM Network Intelligence includes the following telecom operator focused solutions:

  • Network Visibility Provides a virtual network packet broker (vNPB) with full network packet broker capabilities in a fully virtualized solution that enables on-demand troubleshooting close to the tapping source and virtual tapping & filtering (vFilter) that offers distributed traffic filtering at scale.
  • Service Assurance By utilizing virtualized probes (vProbes), third-party sources such as legacy probes) converts the network data into real-time, actionable insights to maximize revenue streams, assure all the network services, proactively locate and resolve performance issues as well as improve customer retention. Deploys machine learning to gain insights into encrypted use plane traffic such as video and messaging applications and an enhanced DPI engine to understand OTT traffic.
  • Network Insights Enables real-time actionable insights to optimize network performance, ensure the customer experience, understand the end-to-end service quality and locate and resolve any performance issues quickly.

RADCOM Network Intelligence is automated, and cost-efficient providing on-demand functionality and is designed specifically for the needs of telecom operators. RADCOM specializes in assuring next-generation, high capacity networks such as 4G, LTE-Advanced, 5G, IMS, SDN/NFV while also supporting legacy networks like 2G, 3G as well as fixed access networks like xDSL and FTTx.

Radware.png Space.png Radware DetectPro is a flexible lightweight anomaly-detection system. The software receives network streams from various packets/log feeders, processes the data, and produces attack notifications via REST and syslog interfaces. The DetectPro anomaly-detection mechanism supports various detection algorithms, which cover a wide variety of cyberattacks. The DetectPro software uses information captured from the communication stream to analyze and detect anomalies. The software uses machine learning techniques to identify anomalies which indicates security threats in 5G NB-IOT communication path. By using telemetry data from links in the MEC Radware system can determine risks to 5G MEC components. Radware DetectPro can identify anomaly of NB-IOT devices and DoS attacks aimed to impact services in the mobile network.

Radware® (NASDAQ: RDWR), is a global leader of cyber security and application delivery solutions for physical, cloud, and software defined data centers. Its award-winning solutions portfolio secures the digital experience by providing infrastructure, application, and corporate IT protection services to enterprises globally. Radware’s solutions empower more than 12,500 enterprise and carrier customers worldwide to adapt to market challenges quickly, maintain business continuity and achieve maximum productivity while keeping costs down.

Sandvine.png Space.png PacketLogic/V platform components run as individual Virtual Network Function Components (VNFC) that are part of an ETSI-defined Virtual Network Function (VNF) environment that a network operator would need to support a PacketLogic analytics or enforcement solution. Supported capabilities include:
  • Complete PacketLogic product line support to enable collapsed deployments and efficient use of off-the-shelf hardware.
  • Flexible network deployment supporting full migration capabilities to add services wherever needed without pre-installation of PacketLogic-specific hardware platforms.
  • Analytics and enforcement capabilities sized for customer needs with easy upgrades from 1Mbps to over 150Gbps of network traffic throughput
  • Multiple solutions can be deployed delivering the features required for specific services.
  • Designed for tight integration with ETSI OSM and other NFV products based on the ETSI NFV architectural framework and ONF SDN standards.

Spirent.png Space.png Spirent’s Virtual solutions can help you test & validate NFV infrastructure, VNFs and Network Services by creating elastic test topologies to run both control plane and high performance DPDK based data plane traffic and emulations. Spirent Test Center Virtual can be spawn in virtually any NFV environment as a VM or container and may be orchestrated using ETSI OSM and other MANO solutions.

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