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This page provides a list of OSM Training providers. Click on the logos for additional details.

Btech.png Space.png Btech was developed from a vision of ICT utilization that efficient and environmental-friendly for companies that have main mission to utilize Linux and FOSS (Free/Open Source Software) as the tools. Established since middle of 2009, Btech always commits to give the best service for customers. Btech has high productivity and innovation since it is supported by capable and skillful human resources and reliable work infrastructure. Conducive office location and friendly atmosphere of work also supports Btech to be able to give solution on customer problems.

Btech provides trainings, and Enterprise Network Function Virtualization is one of our training subjects. This training is completely hands-on-lab training with individual labs. Its focus is on MANO deployment with ETSI OSM . Training is available in Bahasa and English.

Whitestack.png Space.png Whitestack offers an end-to-end, modular program, to train engineers in Cloud, SDN, NFV and NetDevOps concepts and technologies. This offering includes an NFV track, where ETSI Open Source MANO is the main component used for hands-on. A customizable, dedicated OSM workshop, can also be provided where required.

The offering is completely focused on technologies and agnostic to products. With rich hands-on with individual labs, it aims to increase the general know-how of technologies that are taking the industry to a whole new level. Training is available in English, Spanish or Portuguese and is provided onsite, for private groups of 5 or more attendees. Click the logo for details.

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