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This page provides a list of well-known OSM Distributions. Click on the logos for additional details.

Canonical.png Space.png Canonical delivers open source Management and Orchestration (MANO) distribution closely aligned with upstream OpenSourceMANO (ETSI OSM) releases. It enables you to consistently deploy and operate your production NFV services across private and public cloud providers. OSM standardizes VNF deployment model and provides the path to bring together network functions from various vendors as automated network services. Canonical is a company behind Ubuntu and an established leader in telco cloud computing. To learn more please visit www.canonical.com and contact us here.

RIFT io.png Space.png RIFT.io provides an open source standard platform for the construction and automated deployment of scalable, virtualized network functions and services. RIFT.io’s technology, RIFT.wareTM, and RIFT.io services incorporates Open Source MANO, ETSI OSM, to accelerate service providers’ efforts to virtualize their network functions and services. Any network application or service built with RIFT.io technology can intelligently take advantage of any cloud’s unique capabilities and operate at any scale with carrier-grade high availability. RIFT.io is a privately held, global company with offices in the United States and India. For more information about RIFT.io, visit https://riftio.com/. Follow us at @RIFT_io

TATA ELXI.jpg Space.png Tata Elxsi is a leading provider of design and technology services for product engineering and solutions across industries including Broadcast, Communications and Automotive.

Tata Elxsi offers TE-OSM, its hardened OpenSourceMANO (ETSI OSM) distribution for transforming carriers’ data centres. The distribution offers:

  • Easy design-library based VNF configuration and deployment using a comprehensive GUI
  • Fast, reliable and flexible operation with tuned and hardened infrastructure and management layers, with hybrid cloud pluggability
  • Complete lifecycle management with isolation across phases incorporating NetOps principles
  • Live monitoring of state of the data center, with actionable performance and recovery triggers

To enable integrators, we also provide consulting, design and development of SDN cloud applications, NFV performance optimizations, Orchestrators and SDN-IoT customizations. We provide services for integration and certifications for NG-BSS/OSS, NFV/SDN benchmarking, E2E system integration multi-vendor inter-op, SDN/NFV legacy inter-working. To complete the bouquet of offerings, we also provide Service fulfillment and assurance for Private Cloud Installations, Solutions roll-out and post-deployment managed services, as well as Test automation and continuous improvement.

Whitestack.png Space.png Whitestack's WhiteNFV is a MANO solution based on the complete source code of ETSI Open Source MANO Release 5. Our production-ready distribution has a special focus on:
  • High availability.
  • A use-case oriented roadmap which aims to feed both our product and upstream project.
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery, to ensure the quality of our distribution, agile time to market and the product's alignment to the upstream release.
  • Specialized, 24/7 support, which can be complemented with assisted operations for initial adoption.
  • Onsite training with labs for a smoother adoption (provided in English, Spanish or Portuguese)

WhiteNFV is also available for PoCs, field trials and static labs. Click the logo for details.

Ecosystem.png Space.png Would you like to see your OSM Distribution listed here? Please send an email to OSMSupport@etsi.org with the following information:

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