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This page provides a list of organisations providing Consulting & Integration services on OSM. Click on the logos for additional details.

Atos.png Space.png Atos SE (Societas Europaea) has over 30 years’ experience in the telecommunication sector and counts with more than 10,000 business technologists delivering Telecommunications, Media and Technology sector-specific products, solutions and services. Atos’ comprehensive portfolio of Telco Network Products for telecom operators includes innovative products that help Communications Service Providers (CSPs) deploy new services to generate more business value from their networks. Over 100 telecommunications companies, including many tier 1 carriers and service providers, are clients of Atos.

We believe Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is a key transformational technology that will support Telcom operators achieve their Digital Transformation strategies. ATOS, as member of ETSI OSM open source community, is contributing to the success of this NFV orchestration solution. We have actively participated in the ETSI NFV Plugtests events testing and working with top VNF vendors and over several virtualization environments. ATOS also established the NFV lab at Grenoble to test, qualify and run multi-vendor network services over multiple PoPs. As a systems integrator with exceptional experience in the telco industry, Atos is the ideal partner for NFV initiatives. Visit:

Datatronics.jpg Space.png DATATRONICS is a leading Telco System Integrator founded in 1996 and focused on Telecom Operators and CSPs. The company is active in Europe and Latinamerica offering high value-added and innovative solutions in areas of Signaling, Network Evolution, VoIP, Network Monitoring and Analytics, Roaming, Fraud & Security, Time & Frequency and Policy Solutions. Datatronics actively promotes the virtualization following NFV framework. Datatronics is committed to integrate its customers with VNFs fully virtualized and NFV-ready like vSBC, vIMS, vEPC, vSTP, vDSR, vPCRF, vDPI, etc. allowing services agility, elasticity and scalability. Virtualization also allows the creation of Telco Cloud solutions where network functions can be offered as a service. For more information visit or send an email to

Eantc.jpg Space.png EANTC offers a test automation solution that provides VNF (Virtual Network Functions) and NS (Network Services) interoperability verification on ETSI OSM and other solutions. Test runs are completed swiftly, saving time, resources and allowing for quick re-runs when new software or hardware components come into play. Customers can schedule their tests and access their results via a portal that gives them full control and independence.

EANTC (European Advanced Networking Test Center) is internationally recognized as one of the world's leading independent test centers for telecommunication technologies. Based in Berlin, Germany, the company offers vendor-neutral consultancy and realistic, reproducible high-quality testing services since 1991. Customers include leading network equipment manufacturers, tier-1 service providers, large enterprises and governments worldwide. EANTC's proof of concept, acceptance tests and network audits cover established and next-generation fixed and mobile network technologies. To find out more, visit

Indra.png Space.png Indra is a technology company with projects in 140 countries and 37.000 professionals worldwide. The Telco unit of Indra operates in 15 countries, and serves the needs of 4 out of the 10 biggest global operators.

Indra has a portfolio of solutions covering the areas of Customer Centricity (Contact Center, Big Data analytics, etc.), Open Digital Ecosystem (e.g. the award winning Sophia2 IoT platform), Agile Operations (QoS diagnosis and monitoring tools such as Eye-QoS or Draco) and Service Platforms for Broadband Access (iAAA/iPCRF). Our company is a partner of the major OSS/BSS and network equipment vendors, with more than 200 strategic alliances.

Indra is helping its clients in the transformation of OSS/BSS towards full stack solutions for convergence and simplification. Our experience in the operation of critical telco infrastructure, the delivery of integrated service solutions, and certification processes for service platforms, provides us with the skills and vision to help our clients in the migration to NFV using ETSI OSM with a riskless approach. Contact us at

RIFT io.png Space.png provides an open source standard platform for the construction and automated deployment of scalable, virtualized network functions and services.’s technology, RIFT.wareTM, and services incorporates Open Source MANO, ETSI OSM, to accelerate service providers’ efforts to virtualize their network functions and services. Any network application or service built with technology can intelligently take advantage of any cloud’s unique capabilities and operate at any scale with carrier-grade high availability. is a privately held, global company with offices in the United States and India. For more information about, visit Follow us at @RIFT_io

TechMahindra.png Space.png As a vendor agnostic System Integrator, we provide an unbiased view about the SDN/NFV transformation best suited for the customer. We help customers to define, implement and manage their SDN & NFV transformation journey. This includes consultancy and roadmap planning, lab activities, architecture, design and implementation, validation and verification, operations transformation, business process transformation and skill building. To find out more visit Tech Mahindra

Whitestack.png Space.png When it comes to orchestrate VNFs deployed on virtualized infrastructure, and integrate them with legacy infrastructure and IT systems, you need to rely on a partner that is capable to blend agile software methodologies with strong networking and Telecom background. Whitestack is a company that comes from both worlds, by combining senior technical management with an agile staff of engineers, in order to avoid the learning curve, and go direct to the point.

Whitestack has successful experience at:

  • Deploying Openstack in Telco and non-Telco environments
  • Implementing data plane acceleration techniques
  • Orchestrating VNFs by using its WhiteNFV solution (based on the successful Open Source MANO, ETSI OSM project)
  • Supporting the VNF onboarding process
  • Providing formal Cloud, SDN and NFV training (aligned with the standardization or promotion foundations)

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