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OSM members and users are encouraged to run Proofs of Concept (PoCs) relevant to contribute to further development of OSM. Multi-vendor PoCs are welcome.

OSM keeps track of the PoC activity in its WIKI and provides visibility of the PoCs to the community and broader audience.


The PoC framework in OSM is a lightweight approach. Some minimum criteria must be fulfilled for the PoC to be listed as an OSM PoC:

  • At least one member shall be OSM member or participant.
  • Core OSM components shall be used.
  • The PoC shall be presented to the OSM community.


The process of becoming OSM PoC is as follows:

  1. The PoC Team send the PoC proposal to the OSM_TECH mailing list in order to
    1. Inform the OSM community
    2. Get feedback from the OSM community
  2. The OSM TSC acknowledges the reception of the proposal and approves it to be listed as an OSM PoC. The OSM community is informed via the OSM_TECH mailing list.
  3. The PoC Team sends information required for publishing the PoC in the OSM WIKI to OSM MARCOM Task Force
  4. The PoC Team presents the PoC progress in (one or several) TECH meetings with the purpose to:
    1. Keep the OSM community up-to-date and receivet feedback
    2. Present final results and declare PoC Completion


  • The PoC will be provided an OSM PoC number, listed in the OSM web and promoted in social media.
  • OSM PoCs are encouraged to be presented in public venues and webinars (e.g. ETSI webinar).
  • PoCs will be eligible for the "Best New Feature Showcase Award" of the corresponding OSM Release.

PoC Proposal

Please provide the following information with your PoC Proposal:

  • PoC Title
  • PoC Team Members (companies and main technical and marketing contacts - name email-)
  • Short Abstract
  • Key Takeaways
  • PoC Technical Overview using the OSM presentation template
  • OSM version and Components featured in the PoC
  • Demo dates, venues and links/videos if available

List of OSM PoCs

List of OSM PoCs.