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Wednesday December 1st (2 - 5:30 pm CET)
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The OSM Ecosystem Day allows organizations in the OSM Ecosystem to share about their Open Source MANO experience and how OSM is helping them to achieve their goals. Presentations and demos cover a wide range of aspects from research activities in academia to production deployments and commercial initiatives, many of them focused on 5G and MEC use cases.

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Speakers: Wajeeha Hamid (OSM MARCOM Chair, Canonical), Mark Beierl (OSM TSC Memeber, Canonical)

  • 2:25-2:50 pm CET Demonstration of P4-Based In-Band Telemetry for OSM-Orchestrated 4G/5G Testbeds by SimulaMET (Simula Metropolitan Centre for Digital Engineering)
    • Speakers: Thomas Dreibholz (Chief Research Engineer, SimulaMet), Andrés Felipe Ocampo Palacio (Post-Doc Researcher, SimulaMet and Oslo Metropolitan University), Mah-Rukh Fida (Post-Doc Researcher, SimulaMet), Foivos Ioannis Michelinakis (Post-Doc Researcher, SimulaMet and Oslo Metropolitan University)
    • Abstract: the SimulaMet OpenAirInterface VNF provides an OpenAirInterface-based Enhanced Packet Core (EPC), with separate VDUs for HSS, MME, SPGW-C, and SPGW-U. To allow for advanced in-band telemetry, we have extended this VNF to add switches with Programming Protocol-independent Packet Processors (P4) to all relevant virtual links inside the EPC. P4 allows full programmability of the packet forwarding behavior and especially allows to extend packets with additional information for in-band telemetry. This information can be read by other P4 instances to allow for fine-granular performance data collection. In this presentation and live demonstration, we will show the solutions chosen to efficiently use OSM for handling our extended EPC, and in particular, we will highlight the possibilities to perform P4-based in-band telemetry to evaluate the performance of the mobile network. Finally, we will show the audience a live demo of our testbed setup with telemetry collection.
  • 2:50-3:15 pm CET Demonstration of MEC Applications deployment with OSM by Whitestack & University of Bologna
    • Speakers: Sergio Tarazona (Whitestack) and Davide Borsatti (University of Bologna)
    • Abstract: In this session, we will be showing some first experiences deploying MEC applications with Whitestack’s WhiteNFV (OSM distribution), as an extension of what was tested in the recent ETSI NFV Plugtests.
  • 3:15-3:40 pm CET Demonstration of debugging mode for Charmed OSM by Canonical
    • Speakers: Wajeeha Hamid (Product Manager, Canonical), David Garcia (Software Engineer, Canonical)
    • Abstract: The debugging mode will allow OSM community developers to be more efficient when troubleshooting bugs or implementing new features. The objective of this is to remove the burden of setting up a debugging environment and provide an out-of-the-box solution that is fast, simple, and unified across modules
  • 3:40-3:45 pm CET Group Picture!
  • 3:45-4:10 pm CET Coffee Break
  • 4:10-4:35 pm CET Marketplace-driven 5G network slices among multiple operators by 5GZORRO
    • Speaker: Pietro G. Giardina, NFV/SDN Technical Project Manager, Nextworks
    • Abstract: 5G networks today are not really pervasive and expose very limited capabilities for network slicing across multiple operators. To optimise CAPEX, interest is growing for telecom marketplace solutions which allow to procure digital products linked to 5G assets and services from different providers: spectrum, virtualized radio access, virtualized edge/core, VNF/CNFs, network slices, etc. Key to the 5G marketplace model is its integration with zero-touch orchestration functions once these products are purchased. The 5GZORRO project is developing such solutions with the final goal to implement an open platform for zero-touch and cognitive orchestration, security and trust in multi-party 5G networks. For that, 5GZORRO uses Data Lakes, Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) to establish Smart Contracts, intra-domain and inter-domain MANO and monitoring solutions. In 5GZORRO, ETSI OSM is used to implement the intra-domain NFVO functionality. This talk presents the main design artifacts of 5GZORRO, with a focus on how ETSI OSM is integrated within the platform. In particular, ETSI OSM supports 5GZORRO workflows for discovery and product offering, network slice orchestration, service and infrastructure monitoring, and e-Licensing of VNF/CNFs.
  • 4:35-5:00 pm CET TEOSM - An Overview by Tata Elxsi
    • Speaker: Venugopal Kumaraswamy (SeniorArchitect, CTO Office, Tata Elxsi)
    • Abstract: An overview of TEOSM as a distribution with insights from production experience.
  • 5:00-5:25 pm CET Demonstration of PaaS-driven Interoperation between OSM and Kubernetes-based Edge Platforms by Intracom Telecom
    • Speakers: Nikos Psaromanolakis (Staff Research Engineer, Intracom Telecom) and Vasileios Theodorou (Senior Research Engineer, Intracom Telecom)
    • Abstract: NFV MANO platforms can typically access edge compute resources via low-level communication with VIMs, managing NFVI at the edge. In our presented research approach, we abstract this scheme to facilitate cloud/core-to-edge interoperability and slicing automation between centralized orchestration entities and Edge Management Platforms (EMP). We introduce a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) edge service delivery model and we present a live demo of our extended OSM, which interoperates in a declarative fashion with Kubernetes-based EMP. In particular, we will walkthrough
      1. EMP registration to OSM,
      2. onboarding of Cloud-native Network Functions (CNFs) using our PaaS-extended OSM Information Model,
      3. their automated instantiation on a Kubernetes edge environment and
      4. activation of dynamic scaling policies.

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