Takeaways from the first open multi-vendor NFV showcase

April 2019

By Gianpietro Lavado, Solutions Architect, Whitestack

Gianpietro Lavado reports on the event that shows carriers how they benefit from a horizontal NFV platform, instead of monolithic solutions from a single vendor.

At the recent Open Infrastructure Summit in Denver, Whitestack announced the results of the initiative called “Open Multivendor NFV Showcase,” an effort to demonstrate that network function virtualization-orchestrated network services, integrating VNF from multiple vendors, on top of commoditized hardware, is possible.

This effort, organized by Whitestack, has the support of relevant institutions in the NFV field, in particular: Intel, the OpenStack Foundation, Open Source MANO and the ETSI NFV Plugtests Programme. 

For this first edition, Whitestack invited a number of vendors and projects that provide a complete end-to-end service chain, covering critical parts of a typical mobile network. Specifically, the following VNF vendors were integrated to provide a fully-functional and automated network service:

  • Fortinet: Next Generation FW.
  • Open Air Interface: LTE EPC core.
  • Mobileum: Diameter Routing Agent and Network Traffic Redirection.
  • ng4T: vTester supporting Cloud-RAN, vHSS and other functions.

See the complete session, including a live demo here and download the complete report by clicking here.