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See below the list of OSM demos run at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2019

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5G Network Slice Orchestration with OSM

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  • Locations:
    • GSMA booth (4A30): All time
    • Telefónica booth (3K31), “Ágora” Zone: Monday, 25.Feb, 11:30-12:15
  • Abstract: Telenor and Telefónica are demonstrating jointly the E2E orchestration of 5G network slices using OpenSourceMANO (ETSI OSM). In the joint demo, it is shown how slices with different characteristics can be created on demand across different types of network functions (VNFs, HNFs, PNFs) and functional blocks (radio, core, transport). Once created, the demo shows how those slices can be managed afterwards as unique services from the OSM platform. During the demo, as a first step, a slice for enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) will created on demand, and, later, a second slice for Ultra-reliable Low-latency Communications (URLLC) will be created following the same procedure. Both Network Slices, which might serve different vertical industries as a sort of optimized logical mobile networks (including their own mobile core network functions and cloudified radio network functions each). The demo also shows how such orchestrated operation is achieved even with network functions that come from different vendors or that are shared between both network slices.

5G and EDGE Innovation for Health Care with OSM

  • Location:
    • VMware/Dell Technologies booth (3M11) Daily presentations at 2:00pm
  • Abstract: This is the first of several Proof-of-Concept (PoC) demos as a result of an innovation collaboration between VMware, Dell Technologies and Telenor to explore 5G and EDGE Innovation for specific use cases. In this POC, we examine the scenario of a possible stroke victims at remote locations. We show how the continuous collection and streaming of patient data is enabled from initial contact through to arrival at the destination hospital emergency department. Using OpenSourceMANO (ETSI OSM), we demonstrate that the seamless composition of services will provide a secure, reliable, low-latency mobile HD video link from a remote ambulance to a hospital and an Edge assisted remote stroke assessment application that shortens the time to assess and provide urgent care to potential stroke victims (and save lives). The availability of remote, real-time HD video streaming from paramedics to the hospital emergency room or medical specialists enables more intelligent and timely decision making and improves the probability of better patient outcomes .

Network slicing and automation with OSM and Ansible

  • Location: Atos booth - 2F60 (Hall 2, Booth F60)
  • Abstract: This demo leverages Ansible as the automation tool for VNF configuration and its relationship with OpenSourecMANO (ETSI OSM) as the network orchestrator, showcasing its latest network slicing capabilities.

UHD media distribution over vCDN with OSM in 5G-MEDIA

  • Location: 5G Infrastructure Association stand - 7K17 in Hall 7
  • Abstract: The 5G-MEDIA project innovates media-related applications by investigating how these applications and the underlying 5G network should be coupled and interwork to the benefit of both. 5G-MEDIA delivers an integrated NFV/SDN programmable platform solution for the design, development and operations of media applications by providing mechanisms to flexibly adapt services to network changing conditions and react upon them. The demo will present the 5G-MEDIA platform in the context of the “Ultra High Definition media distribution over virtualized Content Delivery Network” use case. The focus of the use case is on enabling Media Service Providers to build flexible and adaptable media distribution service chains, made up of virtualized functions, and deliver UHD media contents while users are moving in a geographically distributed 5G network. In this perspective, the demo shows the orchestration and agile lifecycle management through OpenSourceMANO (ETSI OSM) of media service chains including an UHD capable origin streaming server, media caches to be dynamically deployed in hierarchies at the edge of the 5G network (and serve media contents in proximity to the users), and a load balancer function for smart selection of delivering caches. The demo will run on-site in a portable testbed, where a realistic scenario of combined core and edge clouds will be deployed to deliver the 5G-MEDIA media distribution service. The visitors will be able to use the 5G-MEDIA virtualized Content Delivery Network (vCDN) solution deployed through OSM and consume UHD media contents in both HD TV screens and mobile devices, experiencing the flexibility and agility of the media distribution service.

Deploying a containerized ns-3/LENA-based LTE mobile Network Service through the (OSM based) 5G-TRANSFORMER platform

  • Location: CTTC booth. Congress Square CS20. Booth 13
  • Abstract: This demo presents an ongoing prototype implementation of the Service Orchestrator (SO) building block of the 5GTRANSFORMER (5GT) architecture. Within the 5GT-SO, we define the Service Manager (SM), which hosts the intelligence of the 5GT-SO and interacts with the other architectural blocks of the 5GT architecture through the defined APIs. The aim of defining the SM is to decouple the 5GT-SO implementation from the associated MANO platform OpenSourceMANO (ETSI OSM) in this case, allowing the interoperability with other MANO platforms, hence increasing the scope of the 5GT solution. In this demo, we will show how the current ongoing implementation of the 5GT-SO, using the SM, is able to automate the orchestration of both computing and networking resources to deploy a virtualized mobile network service based on ns-3/LENA network simulator/emulator in minutes over an emulated environment consisting of a multi-point of presence infrastructure connected by a custom transport network.

5GCity Neutral Hosting Solution with OSM

  • Location: Congress Hall CS20 - Booth # 11 (i2CAT Foundation)
  • Abstract: 5GCity will demonstrate its Neutral Hosting solution along with one of its media related use cases, the Video Acquisition & Production.The demo will show how the 5GCity neutral host platform can enable an ICT infrastructure owner to slice and lease its infrastructure to a 3rd party, e.g. a virtual operator, who can rapidly deploy NFV-based services, with OpenSourceMANO (ETSI OSM) as the core 5GCity orchestrator, on the assigned slice. For our demo the specific service to be demonstrated includes acquisition of live high-quality multiple videos from the event and streaming through 5GCity platform, via Wi-Fi connection, to a designated cloud-based application. Supported by 5G, this type of service which enables acquisition, processing, and streaming/broadcasting of multiple live HD videos can revolutionize the way journalists do reporting nowadays as they’ll be able to deliver the news to their audiences right away on the way. Moreover, such services also can support the engagement of public in the media production for big events.

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