OSM Workshop @NFV World Congress 2017, San Jose

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(Re-)introduction to OSM

Francisco-Javier Ramón Salguero (Chair ETSI Open Source MANO | Telefónica)

This session provides an overview of the OSM community foundation, project, structure. The technical scope and ambition for the project will be described and an overview of the accomplishments that have been delivered with the past OSM releases will be provided. This session will conclude with a view on themes for Release THREE and beyond..

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OSM End User Advisory Group (Operators) Perspective

Tetsuya Nakamura (Vice Chair ETSI NFV ISG| CableLabs)

This session provides a telecoms operator perspective on OSM – including a view on the significance of open source and the orchestration space in the industry in general, and the OSM community in particular. The importance of the accomplishments in the latest OSM release, the role OSM can play in standards development and what success over the next six months will look like.

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OSM Architecture, Release TWO Feature Updates and Data Model Overview

Adrian Hoban (TSC Chair, ETSI Open Source MANO | Intel)

This session provides an overview of the OSM architecture, the functional split in the modules, the mapping between OSM and the ETSI NFV MANO logical view. It also provides an overview of the OSM data models for the VNF Descriptor (VNFD) and the Network Service Descriptors (NSD) and how some of the salient attributes are handled in OSM.

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Using the OSM Graphical User Interface

Craig Johnson (ETSI Open Source MANO | RIFT.io)

This session focuses on how to leverage the GUI for Network Service and VNF descriptor and package updates.

OSM Demos

Vanesa Little (TSC, ETSI Open Source MANO | VMware)

This session provides an overview of the suite of demos that have been developed with OSM.

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How to Participate in OSM

Chris Buerger (Marketing Task Force Chair, ETSI Open Source MANO | Intel) This session concludes the Workshop & Tutorial, summarising the key information shared in the workshop, and providing information on how to participate in the OSM community.

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