OSM PoC 8 1st Multi-vendor NFV Showcase

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PoC Team Members

  • Team Members: Fortinet, Mobileum, ng4t, Open Air Interface Software Alliance, Whitestack
  • Supporters: Intel, OpenStack Foundation

Mobileum, ng4T, Intel and Whitestack are OSM members or participants


The multi-vendor NFV Showcase is an effort to bring together a number of reputed vendors and organizations, to demonstrate that building production-ready multi-vendor network services is possible, on top of open technologies.

Being submitted as an OSM POC, it highlights OSM’s role on facilitating such vision of achieving automated, horizontal NFV deployments.

This first edition’s objective was to implement a completely automated, secured, virtualized Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) with value-added services, by integrating VNFs from different vendors.

PoC Key Takeaways

  • It is possible to deploy real services under a standardized NVF architecture. In this first edition, we launched a fully-functional multi-vendor virtualized EPC within minutes, on top of open source VIM (Openstack), Commercial-of-the-Shelf Servers, and orchestrated by Open Source MANO.
  • ETSI Standardization efforts are going in the right direction, helping operators move away from single-vendor, vertical NFV deployments which are not leveraging the real advantages of NFV.
  • Most of the challenges slowing down NFV deployments are not related to technology but to the use of good practices.

PoC Proposal

OSM Components

  • OSM Rel FIVE


Open Infrastructure Summit - 1st May 2019


1st multi-vendor NFV Showcase Report

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