OSM PoC 7 - Orchestrating The Orchestra

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PoC Team Members

University of Bristol, Digital Catapult, King’s College London

University of Bristol and Kings College London are OSM members or participants


With the emergence of low latency, high bandwidth 5G networks, new use cases for the internet are being realised. Applications like remote surgery, cloud-assisted AR/VR require a reliable, low latency and high bandwidth network. The applications require faster deployment and sometimes need to communicate over long distances as well. OSM allows rapid deployment of virtualized services over the infrastructure which enables developers to create new experiences and technical showcases. In current networks, service introduction can take weeks or months, but virtualization can reduce this to hours or days. With end-to-end vision of 5G networks, the dynamic orchestration is required over multiple network domains as well. OSM brings in the capability to deploy the Network Services across datacentres using its latest WIM component. Additionally, to complement the capabilities of OSM, multi-domain orchestrator (5GUKExchange [1]) allows the Virtual Network Services to be created and operated across multiple network domains.

The goal of this PoC is to create such an experience where a live concert deployment is orchestrated using OSM across multiple network domains. This cross-domain slicing is aimed at musicians who wish to compose music and perform concerts while being at different locations. By communicating over a low latency and high bandwidth cross-domain network slice, the musicians can play together without losing synchronisation.

[1] Demonstration of the 5GUK Exchange: A Lightweight Platform for Dynamic End-to-End Orchestration of Softwarized 5G Networks. https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/abstract/document/8535288

PoC Key Takeaways

  • Showcasing the flexibility and dynamicity brought in by OSM using VNF orchestration with events like remote orchestra and enabling further events like remote surgery etc.
  • Deployment of Virtual Network Functions across different network and administrative domains.
  • Dynamic Creation/provisioning of cross-domain network slices with guaranteed QoS (e.g., bandwidth, latency).
  • Enabling further use-cases with remote synchronization (e.g. Remote surgery etc, cloud-assisted VR/AR, cloud robotics).
  • Quick deployment of case-specific VNFs such as video reflectors.
  • Centralised orchestration of OSM for coordinated inter-domain slicing.

PoC Proposal

OSM Components



5G Orchestrating the Orchestra, 16 March 2019, at Bristol and London

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