OSM PoC 6 - 5G Network Slice Orchestration with OSM

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PoC Team Members

Telefonica, Telenor, Intel, Mavenir, Oracle, Ixia, Indra, Altran, Tech Mahindra and RedHat

All PoC Team Members are OSM members or participants


This PoC deploys 2 Network Slices with some input parameters and operate them through Day-2 operations at Network Slice level:

  • Deployment: Each slice is modeled as a set of Network Services connected by networks or VLDs
    • Simple input parameters determine the type of slice to be created on demand
      • Experiment with orchestration of slice differentiation, such as for QoS, availability, security and/or assurance
    • The 2 slices share some Network Services (shared NS Subnets)
      • If the shared NS was already deployed, it won’t be deployed again
      • It will be reused, but initial configuration for the second Network Slice can still be done in the shared NS to let it know that new elements are present.
  • Operation: Running Day-2 primitives at Network Slice level (handled as a single object)
    • OSM, behind the scenes, maps them to a sequence of calls to NS primitives, which, in turn, are derived in calls to VNF primitives

PoC Key Takeaways

  • OSM is intended to facilitate the management at Network Service or Slice levels, coordinating behaviors of different components
  • In OSM, there are no fundamental differences between a VNF, a PNF or a Hybrid Network Function (HNF)
  • OSM does not mandate specific protocols to interact with the Network Functions
    • This adaptation is handled at charm level (bundled in the NF Package)
    • Charms usually leverage on pre-existing libraries to support the most common types of communication
  • The VNF provider does not (and should not) need to known service provider’s NFVI+VIM upfront
    • OSM descriptor (bundled in the package) is sufficient to feed OSM with all information that is required
  • The VNF vendors must have a well-known procedure to automate the different LCM aspects of the VNF
    • Clean delimitation of Day-0 vs. Day-1 vs. Day-2 is critical to make the process repeatable
    • It is critical to avoid hardcoded values (identify parameters instead)
    • Elaboration of VNF Packages by the own VNF developer is highly recommended to avoid reverse engineering
    • The VNF vendor should have a clear automation strategy across its organization and product lines

PoC Proposal

OSM Components

  • OSM Rel FIVE


  • MWC19 Barcelona, 25-28 February 2019

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