OSM PoC 2 - OSM with VIO in MEC architectures

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PoC Team Members

VMware, RIFT.io, Fortinet, DataArt

VMware, RIFT.io and DataArt are OSM members or participants


This POC will showcase leveraging OSM Rel THREE as an orchestrator to deploy and maintain edge services in several different use cases that make use of the same hardware footprint, as well as discuss the overall infrastructure topology. These use cases include video transcode at the network Edge with ffmpeg, using Fortinet as an sGW in vRan edge scenarios, SD-WAN with vyatta vrouter and operational intelligence for distributed architectures.

Key Takeaways

  1. OSM can be leveraged for distributed multi-data center service scenarios
  2. OSM is compatible with VMware Integrated Openstack version 4.0 (Ocata) with NSX as SDN
  3. Multi-Access Edge Computing scenarios are possible with OSM and Ocata based openstacks
  4. End to end service monitoring using existing tools

PoC Proposal

OSM Components


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