OSM PoC 1 - DevOps in Service Chains and 5G Network Slices

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PoC Team Members

Telenor, Arctos Labs, Intel, Netrounds, RIFT.io

All PoC Team Members are OSM members or participants


In order to successfully compete in the market, communications service providers (CSPs) must offer hyperscale, dynamic services that can be quickly configured and deployed while continuing to meet agreed-upon levels of service and security. Secondly, service-oriented network slicing is one of the key technologies to meet the 5G vision. To this end, Arctos Labs, Netrounds and RIFT.io have developed ETSI OSM PoC #1 with Telenor on Intel Architecture to showcase a solution that embodies management, orchestration, and testing of 5G network slices in a virtualized environment. The PoC, which uses – amongst other software components – Open Source MANO (OSM) was exhibited at Mobile World Congress 2017. The main message of the PoC is that end-to-end service validation and assurance orchestrated with automated and software-based (open source) tools is essential to ensure customer experience in the new agile world.

PoC Key Takeaways

  • Active service testing and monitoring of individual slices that is orchestrated and fully automated is needed not only during 5G network slice deployment but also during the life cycle of the slices.
  • Virtual Test Agents should be included in the network service design (NSD) to enable automated and active service assurance.
  • DevOps approaches need to be introduced to enable automated service assurance.
  • 5G network slice deployments require different yet critical SLAs that must be defined in the network service model to be monitored and actively measured during life cycle of the network slice.
  • Active monitoring of individual slices allows for proactive and automated troubleshooting and self-healing, thus making the self organizing network (SON) concept end to end.

PoC Proposal

PoC Report

PoC White Paper - PoC Demonstrates Automated Assurance and DevOps in Service Chains and 5G Network Slices

OSM Components

  • Stage 1 - OSM Rel ONE - Service Orchestrator (SO) components from OSM (Resource Orchestration (RO) provided by RIFT.io RIFT.ware)
  • Stage 2 - OSM Rel TWO - in progress


  • Telco Cloud Forum, London, April 2017
  • 5G Latin America, Brazil, May 2017
  • Big Communications Event, Austin TX USA, May 2017
  • Network Virtualization Europe, Madrid, May 2017
  • 5G World, London, June 2017

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