OSM PoC 12 Distributed Monitoring in OSM

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PoC Team Members

  • Tata Elxsi

All Poc team members are OSM members or participants

  • Main contacts:
    • Vijay Nag B S (vijaynag.bs _at_ tataelxsi.co.in),
    • Vijay RS (vijay.r _at_ tataelxsi.co.in),
    • Varenya M (varenya.m _at_ tataelxsi.co.in)

Technical and marketing contact – Ramesh Ramanathan (ramerama _at_ tataelxsi.co.in)


5G Rollout has instigated the adoption of Mobile Edge Computing which serves data sources in the closer proximity. OSM with its extensible design can support distributed monitoring which can monitor VNFs deployed in edge clouds. To reduce the latency between VIM and Monitoring module for NFVI metric collection, a dedicated monitoring service is deployed in the respective edge cloud. The main outcome of this POC is that OSM can be geared up to deal with the latency and provisioning local decision capabilities which can reduce traffic flow between edge cloud and the central cloud.

PoC Key Takeaways

  • When VNFs are deployed at the edge clouds monitoring of VNFs and Infrastructure will induce latency, which can be solved by distribution of monitoring service.
  • Local governance capabilities to monitoring service reduced traffic flow between the message broker (kafka) in the central cloud and edge cloud.
  • Global view of the metric data collected in edge clouds is achieved using Thanos

Technical Overview

OSM Version and Components

OSM version and main components leveraged by the PoC:

  • OSM Release EIGHT 8.0.4


  • Demos showed during OSM#10 TECH - 3 Dec 2020