OSM Documentation Workshop on Diataxis Framework

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Monday 20th June and Wednesday 22nd June (12:00 - 14:00 UTC)


The OSM community is hosting a documentation workshop animated by Daniele Procida (Canonical) featuring the Diátaxis framework. The framework breaks documentation down into 4 main categories:

  • Tutorials (learning-oriented); practical, serves study
  • How-to guides (task-oriented): practical, serves work
  • Explanation (understanding-oriented): theoretical, serves study
  • Reference (technical information): theoretical, serves work

The workshop will consist of two sessions of 2 hours, both theory and practice:

  • Monday June 20th. Part 1 - Quality: introduction to the Diataxis framework: the Diátaxis system and how it works
  • Wednesday June 22nd. Part 2 - Execution: getting things done. Authoring practices and approaches.

The format will be a collaborative and interactive workshop, getting things done with minimum effort and maximum results.


Registration is free of charge and open to all, register here! You are most welcome to invite your colleagues and partners to join us.

Join us


Please send your technical questions to OSM_TECH@list.etsi.org, or post them in the OSM Community Slack Workspace.

Questions about ETSI, joining OSM, this and future events can be sent to OSMsupport@etsi.org