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Q. After following the steps carefully as stated in [OSM Release One] web page, I tried to instantiate the Network Service. All seems correct until the last phase, when I get an error in the UI. I connected to the SO-ub container, opened the SO CLI and run commands below:

$ lxc exec SO-ub -- bash
root@SO-ub:~# /usr/rift/rift-shell -r -i /usr/rift -a /usr/rift/.artifacts -- rwcli --rift_var_root /usr/rift/var/rift       (user: admin; pwd: admin)
rift# show ns-instance-opdata nsr

The last command allows getting a more comprehensive view about what it is happening. In the last operational-events field, namely "ns-field", details say: "Connection error: not possible to contact OPENMANO-SERVER (openmanod)". I do not know how to fix the problem. I have checked all the previous steps and they seem they are correct.

A. First, please check connectivity to RO container. Can you ping the RO IP address (configured in SO) from SO-ub container? If not, then make sure that openmano is up and running on the RO container.

$ lxc exec RO -- bash
root@SO-ub:~# service openmano status
root@SO-ub:~# OPENMANO_TENANT=osm openmano datacenter-list