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OSM Release ONE Descriptor Documentation

The attached document contains a very detailed description of the OSM Release ONE Models


Virtual Network Function Descriptor (VNFD) Model

The Virtual Network Function Descriptor (VNFD) is a deployment template that describes attributes that comprise a VNF.

For example:

  • Platform resource requirements, such as CPU, memory, interfaces, and network
  • Connectivity and interface requirements that can be used to establish virtual links within the NFVI30 between its Virtual Network Function Component (VNFC) instances, or between a VNF instance and the endpoint interface to the other network functions
  • Special characteristics related to EPA attributes and performance capabilities
  • KPI requirements and auto-scaling properties

The VNFD Entity Relation Diagram


Network Service Descriptor (NSD) Model

The Network Service Descriptor (NSD) is the top-level construct used for designing the service chains.

The NSD Entity Relation Diagram


Entity Relationship Diagrams

NSD Entity Relationship Diagram

VNFD Entity Relationship Diagram