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THIS PAGE IS DEPRECATED. OSM User Guide has been moved to a new location: https://osm.etsi.org/docs/user-guide/



OSM is maintaining a namespace registry as a sub tree of the ETSI root urn:etsi namespace. A description of the top level ETSI URN namespace can be found on the ETSI PNNS page

The OSM URN namespace has the following structure:

urn:etsi:osm:<OSM sub-tree>

The following sections describe the basic structure of the sub-tree and how a entry in the registry can be requested.

OSM sub-tree

OSM sub-tree Full Namespace Type Description
string Namespace for YANG modules specified in OSM.


Type definitions

string = (ALPHA)0*(ALPHANUMERIC/-/_)
# a string starts with an upper- or lower-case letter followed by zero or more upper- or lower-case letters, integer numbers, hyphens or underscores

ALPHA = {a-zA-Z}

Requesting a entry

The procedure to request an entry is described as follows.

  • Step #1: Send an e-mail to the OSM_TSC@list.etsi.org mailing list indicating the name of the sub-tree, the contact person and the purpose of that subtree.
  • Step #2: The TSC will review the proposal.
    • If the application is accepted, a new entry in the "OSM URN Namespace" will be enabled.
    • If the application cannot be accepted, it will be communicated to the contact person together with any additional information to be considered for resolving the "non-acceptance".