OSM MON Usage Guide (Release THREE)

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OSM MON Usage Guide

This is a guide on how to use the MON module and its three plugins. The SO sends a request to the OSM MON module through Apache Kafka message bus. The plugin consumers reads the messages and talks to appropriate VIM monitoring tools. The alarms and metrics has a dedicated topics in the message bus. Currently each message is sent on the message bus in json format, along with a unique request key and its topic.

The plugin sends the response back to the message bus and the responses are logged in to MON module at the moment.

Request/Response Unique Key

Each type of requests has its own unique key.

  • create_alarm_request
  • create_metric_request
  • list_alarm_request
  • list_metric_request
  • delete_alarm_request
  • delete_metric_request
  • update_alarm_request
  • update_metric_request
  • acknowledge_alarm_request
  • read_metric_data_request

Each requests has its response counterparts.

Producers and Consumers

The kafka producer reads the request messages from the SO and puts it into the message bus. The topic could be alarm_request or metric_request based on the type of the message received from the SO. The Kafka consumer on the plugin side reads the messages from the message bus, pass it onto the plugin drivers.

Sending Messages

For each of the request message that can be sent there is a json schema defined in the models directory of the MON repo:


To send a valid message to the MON module for use by one of the plugins, your message must match the json schema for that request type. Once you have created a valid json object with your message you can send it on the message bus with the required topic and key. The vim_type parameter must be specified to ensure that the correct plugin receives the message.

Future Extensions

The northbound support for sending and receiving messages are not implemented yet. It is expected to be added to the point release.