OSM MON Module Installation Guide (Release THREE)

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OSM MON Module

MON is a monitoring module for OSM. This module leverages the monitoring tool of the supported VIMs through MON's native plugin to send and receive metrics and alarms for a VNF.

MON Components

  • MON Core: contains Message Bus and Models
  • Plugins: contains plugin drivers for various VIM monitoring tools

Supported VIMs

  • OpenStack
  • VMWare
  • AWS

Supported Plugins

  • Gnocchi, Aodh(OpenStack)
  • vRealiseOps(VMWare)
  • CloudWatch(AWS)


For now, the MON Module installation is not done through OSM installation script. At the moment, the installation process requires few manual steps.


  • LXC installed as mentioned in the OSM Release Three wiki
  • An existing OSM deployment

Creating a MON Container

To leverage the OSM MON Module features, clone the OSM MON [repo], run the install_mon.sh script for container creation and installation. This script will create a MON container, clone the MON repo inside the container and initiate the required plugins and web services.

Plugin Utilization

vROps Plugin

The vROPs plugin will automatically be installed after you have run the above installation script.

OpenStack Plugin

There are two OpenStack services supported within this module monitoring and alarming, which are supported by the Gnocchi and Aodh plugins respectively. These documents will also describe what alarming and monitoring functionality the plugins support. The following steps will allow you to use the plugins:

  • Pass your OpenStack deployment authentication credentials to the MON container:
 lxc exec MON -- export OS_AUTH_URL=<AUTH_URL>
 lxc exec MON -- export OS_PASSWORD=<PASSWORD>
 lxc exec MON -- export OS_TENANT_NAME=<TENANT_NAME>
 lxc exec MON -- export OS_USERNAME=<USER_NAME>
  • The Gnocchi and Aodh plugins work from a common KafkaConsumer that checks for the appropriate topics and keys. To run this consumer:
 lxc exec MON -- nohup python /root/MON/osm_mon/core/message_bus/common_consumer &
  • To enable Aodh alarm notifications to be sent to SO:
 lxc exec MON -- nohup python /root/MON/osm_mon/plugins/OpenStack/Aodh/notifier.py &

CloudWatch Plugin

The MON container supports a CloudWatch plugin on installation.


  • Run the following command to verify the MON container creation.
lxc list | grep MON
  • To check the status of the Kafka service, run
lxc exec MON -- service kafka status
  • To check the logs of the plugins:
lxc exec MON -- tail -f /root/MON_plugins.log