How to report issues (Release THREE)

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If you have bugs or issues to be reported, please use Bugzilla: or write us to

If you have questions or feedback, feel free to contact us through the mailing list

Please be patient. Answers may take a few days.

Please provide some context to your answers. As an example, find below some guidelines:

  • In case of an installation issue:
    • The full command used to run the installer and the full output of the installer (or at least enough context) might help on finding the solution.
    • It is highly recommended to run the installer command capturing standard output and standard error, so that you can send them for analysis if needed. E.g.:
./ 2>&1 | tee osm_install.log
  • In case of operational issues, the following information might help:
    • Version of OSM that you are using
    • Logs of the system. Check to know how to get them.
    • Details on the actions you made to get that error so that we could reproduce it.
    • IP network details in order to help troubleshooting potential network issues. For instance:
      • Client IP address (browser, command line client, etc.) from where you are trying to access OSM
      • IP address of the machine where OSM is running
      • IP addresses of the containers
      • NAT rules in the machine where OSM is running

Common sense applies here, so you don't need to send everything, but just enough information to diagnose the issue and find a proper solution.