last changeWed, 9 Jun 2021 14:04:20 +0000 (16:04 +0200)
6 days ago Barath Kumar RFix bug 1565 to reset the project quotas count 79/10979/3 master
7 days ago Barath Kumar RFix Bug to the Chart Js for displaying multiple 76/10976/2
8 days ago Barath Kumar RTitle will be show in the browser head 50/10850/2
2021-05-07 Barath Kumar RFeature-9904: Enhancing NG-UI to enable Juju operationa... 09/10409/8 release-v10.0-start
2021-05-06 bravofbug(chartjs/zonejs): dependency conflict while creating... 56/10756/4
2021-05-04 Barath Kumar RBUG 1383 Cannot compose VNFD from UI: 'mgmt_cp missing... 29/10729/1
2021-04-21 beierlmAdding GitLab Scanner 71/10671/2 ng-ro-refactor sol006v331 branch-ng-ro-refactor-start branch-sol006v331-start
2021-04-16 Barath Kumar RFix for Bug 1495 NG-UI does not start on Air-gapped... 52/10652/9
2021-04-15 Barath Kumar RThe NS/VNF package content will shown 10/10610/2
2021-04-15 Barath Kumar RFeature-9518: Scale-in/Scale-out commands triggered... 65/10565/9
2021-03-23 beierlmFeature 10296 Pip Standardization 31/10531/1
2021-03-05 Barath Kumar RExecutive primitive bug for lcm-operations-conf 56/10456/1
2021-02-23 Barath Kumar RBug 1413 Domains don't appear in create project/user... 78/10378/1
2021-02-22 Barath Kumar ROSM Version will be shown in the NG-UI Header && Design... 53/10353/2
2021-02-19 Barath Kumar RBug 1419 ng-ui can not fill in primitve list box for... 54/10354/1
2021-02-01 Barath Kumar RBug 1414 - Is not possible to remove all role-mappings... 42/10242/2
4 days ago v10.0.0 OSM Release TEN: version v10.0.0
3 weeks ago release-v10.0-start Start of v10.0
7 weeks ago v9.1.1 OSM Release NINE: version v9.1.1
7 weeks ago v9.1.1rc1 OSM Release NINE: version v9.1...
7 weeks ago branch-bug1511-start Start of bug1511
7 weeks ago branch-ng-ro-refactor-start Start of ng-ro-refactor
7 weeks ago branch-sol006v331-start Start of sol006v331
2 months ago v9.1.0 OSM Release NINE: version v9.1.0
5 months ago v9.0.0 OSM Release NINE: version v9.0.0
5 months ago v9.0.0rc1 OSM Release NINE: version v9.0...
5 months ago release-v9.0-start Start of v9.0
7 months ago v8.0.4 OSM Release EIGHT: version v8.0.4
7 months ago v8.0.3 OSM Release EIGHT: version v8.0.3
8 months ago v8.0.2 OSM Release EIGHT: version v8.0.2
9 months ago v8.0.1 OSM Release EIGHT: version v8.0.1
9 months ago v8.0.1rc1 OSM Release EIGHT: version v8.0...
6 days ago v10.0
6 days ago master
3 weeks ago v9.0
7 weeks ago sol006v331
7 weeks ago ng-ro-refactor
2 months ago bug1511
3 months ago v8.0