OSM PoC 5 - Placement of Workloads in Distributed Cloud Networks

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PoC Team Members

Arctos Labs, Telenor, Wind River, Netrounds

All PoC Team Members are OSM members or participants


This PoC demonstrates a solution that can optimize workload placement over a distributed and interconnected multi-cloud (e.g. edge). The optimization takes technical service constraints into account whilst at the same time finding the most cost optimal placement for each VNF in the service chain, including costs related to their interconnection over a backbone

PoC Key Takeaways

Constraint models complementing NSDs in order to capture service performance requirements:

  • Placement of VNF workloads based on latency requirements
  • Placement decisions using real-time latency measurements
  • Placement optimization using cost models to predict link and compute costs
  • Placement optimization assurance to continuously re-evaluate in case of DC or link failures

PoC Proposal

PoC Report

OSM Components

  • OSM Rel FOUR


  • EdgeCloudSummit, Paris, 4-6 June 2019

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