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ETSI's Centre for Testing and Interoperability and the OSM community are organizing a new OSM Hackfest on 7-11 September 2020. The event will be run remotely, allowing participants to join the hands-on sessions from home.

Participation to OSM Hackfests is free and open to all upon Registration

Registration deadline is Thursday September 3rd

The OSM-MR#9 Hackfest will run in parallel with the OSM Mid-Release NINE (OSM-MR#9) community meeting.


The OSM-MR#9 Hackfest will guide participants through the step by step on-boarding, deployment and end-to-end testing of an hybrid Network Service: a Magma EPC with VNF, CNF and PNF components. Through this challenge, participants will be able to get familiar and experiment by themselves with latest OSM features such as:

  • VNF Package Management
  • Automating Day 1 & 2 operations with OSM Primitives
  • Orchestrating VNFs, CNFs and PNFs
  • Enabling high performance VNFs
  • Underlay automation with SDN Assist
  • Service assurance, monitoring and auto-scaling
  • Network slicing
  • Placement optimization

In addition, participants will benefit of an open Q&A session with OSM experts and learn about success stories of OSM deployments in the OSM Ecosystem Day

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Who should attend

  • VNF vendors, who want to onboard their VNF in OSM following best practices
  • System Integrators, who want to develop their expertise with OSM
  • Service providers, who want to get first hand operational experience with OSM
  • Academia and Universities, who are using or considering OSM as platform for their research activities in networking
  • Experimented developers and users that want to share and test with the community
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  • Registration is mandatory!
  • Participants are expected to be familiar with NFV and SDN concepts and have user-level knowledge of Linux, OpenStack and Kubernetes
  • You will need your laptop
    • A remote environment will be made available through VPN for participants to run the hands-on sessions
    • If you prefer to install OSM in your own laptop and orchestrate your own cloud, please follow the OSM Quick Start Guide
  • Before the hackfest it is recommended that you watch the pre-recorded sessions


OSM Hackfest Sessions

Pre-recorded - Sessions

Watch videos

Monday September 7th

  • 11:30 - 13:00 CET OSM System Features
    • High Availability Demo by Guillermo Calvino, Canonical
    • Identity Management Demo by Guillermo Calvino, Canonical
    • System Quotas Demo by Guillermo Calvino, Canonical
    • System Monitoring Demo by Gianpietro Lavado, Whitestack

Tuesday September 8th

Wednesday September 9th

  • 14:30 - 18:30 CET Ecosystem Day (See below)

Thursday September 10th

Friday September 11th

OSM Ecosystem Day

Wednesday September 9th Afternoon (2:30pm - 6:30pm CET)

If you only wish to attend to the OSM Ecosystem day (and not the whole hackfest) please kindly register here

  • Welcome to the OSM-MR#9 Ecosystem Day by Mona Hrapkowicz, Flextronics, OSM MARCOM Lead

The OSM Ecosystem Day allows organizations in the OSM Ecosystem to share how they are using OSM and how it is helping them to achieve their goals. Presentations and demos cover a wide range of aspects from research activities in academia to production deployments and commercial initiatives, many of them focused in 5G use cases. Detailed agenda coming soon.

Ulak is developing her 5G Core network (Çınar) within smart, continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline. Automation has a critical priority for all network operators to accelerate and simplify the processes together with reducing the errors which may be caused by manual interventions. This presentation will demonstrate how OSM helps to improve Ulak 5G core network service/slice automation. Ulak will also share its ETSI Plugtests experience and talk about her future plans regarding OSM.

This session will present Mobileum's NFV Journey and participation in ETSI NFV Plugtests, especially integration tests with OSM and a brief overview of multi-vendor demos. Finally, a demo of Mobileum's CNFs using OSM will be showcased

This presentation will explain how to perform 5G testing in an OSM framework using Landslide. Landslide is a versatile 4/5G core network test solution for Lab and Live networks. Landslide is provided by Spirent Communications.

OSM helps us orchestrate hybrid services that involve VNFs, CNFs, and PNFs. Benu Networks vBNG can be deployed as any of these options. Hence OSM helps in orchestration and management of these network functions by providing capabilities to perform day-0, 1 & 2 operations. OSM's Service Assurance feature helps in monitoring even our legacy devices that only understand SNMP and Linux commands. Great to have Prometheus and Grafana at our fingertips without having to integrate them in our application.

  • Charmed OSM by Alex Chalkias, PM and Mark Shuttleworth, CEO, Canonical

Charmed OSM, Canonical's open-source, carrier-grade, hardened OSM distribution allows for operators, GSIs and NEPs to move faster with NFV transformation. In this session, you will learn about the technology behind charmed OSM and Canonical's OSM partner programmes.

ETSI NFV SOL005 defines a class of Northbound APIs through which entities can subscribe for changes in the Network Service (NS) life-cycle. The entities get notified via HTTP REST APIs which those entities expose. OSM Release EIGHT brings in a comprehensive mechanism of subscriptions and notifications to give a single glass pane view to the OSS and to the new age Digital NOCs. The notifications cover the entire range of network service life cycle management operations.

Whitestack and Telenor have been collaborating on building a POC where the end-to-end NFV orchestration features are applied to the real needs of a mobile network. In this talk, they will share their experiences in using ETSI OSM & Facebook Connectivity's Magma projects to create a fully automated, distributed mobile packet core deployment.

  • OSM-MR#9 Ecosystem Day wrap-up by Mark Beierl, Canonical, OSM DevOps

Hackfest Material

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Please send your technical questions to OSM_TECH@list.etsi.org or join the OSM Community Slack Workspace

Questions about ETSI, joining OSM, this hackfest and future events can be sent to: OSMSupport@etsi.org