2017-07-11 peustermFix: Disable dummy GK chaining if no forwarding graph...
2017-07-11 peustermBugfix: Log in exception part causes crash
2017-07-11 peustermcleanup
2017-07-11 peustermFix: Name shortening. Still an ugly fix but ok for...
2017-07-11 peustermFix: Update stack.template on PATCH / PUT call
2017-07-11 peustermFixed: OpenStack API now supports very long instance...
2017-06-28 peustermMerge pull request #235 from splietker/master
2017-06-28 splietkerImplemented Openstack Neutron SFC API
2017-06-19 peustermMerge pull request #233 from mpeuster/demo-mano-integration
2017-06-19 peustermMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2017-06-19 peustermAdded resource groups to HEAT parser
2017-06-19 peustermImproved OpenStack API logging
2017-06-19 peustermAdded HEAT GET /resources endpoint (returns empty list...
2017-06-19 peustermOpenStack HEAT API: Added GET /template endpoint
2017-06-19 peustermFix: Made Glance API compatible to SONATA IA
2017-06-16 peustermAdded '/limits' endpoint to Nova API
2017-06-16 peustermRefactored logging
2017-06-15 peustermMerge pull request #231 from mpeuster/master
2017-06-15 peustermBetter help for son-emu-cli
2017-06-14 peustermMore verbose HEAT parser outputs
2017-06-14 peustermMerge pull request #230 from mpeuster/master
2017-06-14 peustermAdded Keystone v3 token endpoint
2017-06-13 peustermMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2017-06-13 peustermRemoved topo. Should be placed in son-tutorials.
2017-06-06 stevenvanrossemMerge pull request #228 from stevenvanrossem/master
2017-06-06 stevenvanrossemcleanup networking api, rest and cli and unittest
2017-06-02 stevenvanrossemMerge pull request #225 from stevenvanrossem/master
2017-06-01 stevenvanrossemfix son-emu-cli monitor CLI
2017-06-01 stevenvanrossemfix son-emu-cli compatibility with son-emu REST API
2017-06-01 stevenvanrossemfix son-emu-cli network/monitor CLI
2017-06-01 stevenvanrossemMerge pull request #224 from stevenvanrossem/master
2017-06-01 stevenvanrossemupdate son-emu-cli network CLI
2017-05-31 peustermMerge pull request #222 from edmaas/master
2017-05-31 edmaasMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/sonata...
2017-05-19 peustermenabled monitoring in demo topo
2017-05-19 peustermMerge pull request #221 from mpeuster/master
2017-05-19 peustermREADME
2017-05-19 peustermREADME: Tab vs. spaces
2017-05-19 peustermUpdated and polished README.md for v2.1
2017-05-19 peustermFix/update: Simplified emulator dashboard that only...
2017-05-18 peustermMerge pull request #220 from mpeuster/merge-openstack...
2017-05-18 peustermFix: Removed problem with race conditions in OpenStack...
2017-05-18 peustermTry to avoid race condition problems in unittests
2017-05-18 peustermRemoved properitary monitoring (used for student demo...
2017-05-17 peustermRe-enabled tests to check with fiexed Jenkins
2017-05-17 peustermDeactivated some test to find Jenkins issue.
2017-05-17 peustermFix: Made API shutdown more robust
2017-05-17 peustermAdded topology for integration demo
2017-05-17 peustermFix: Last fixes for OpenStack API imports after renaming
2017-05-17 peustermFix: Nova, Heat APIs now rely on latest son-emu master...
2017-05-17 peustermManually added test code for openstack apis
2017-05-17 peustermManually added OpenStack API code
2017-05-15 edmaasadded execution of stop scripts in vnfs
2017-05-09 stevenvanrossemMerge pull request #218 from stevenvanrossem/master
2017-05-08 stevenvanrossemstart Docker VNF xterm via the rest api (can be called...
2017-05-08 stevenvanrossemadd MAC address in dashboard
2017-05-07 stevenvanrossemfix monitoring bug (cleanup monitored metrics list...
2017-05-05 stevenvanrossemMerge pull request #217 from stevenvanrossem/master
2017-05-05 stevenvanrossemremove unused file
2017-05-05 stevenvanrossemupdate example topologies
2017-05-05 stevenvanrossemput example topology file back in original state
2017-05-05 stevenvanrossemMerge pull request #216 from stevenvanrossem/master
2017-05-04 stevenvanrossemfix unittest
2017-05-04 stevenvanrossemfix unittest
2017-05-04 stevenvanrossemfix unittest
2017-05-04 stevenvanrossemsmall updates in dashboard + E-LAN deployment
2017-05-04 stevenvanrossemdisplay assigned ip's and interfaces on dashboard
2017-05-04 stevenvanrossemupdate dashboard to display ip adresses
2017-05-03 stevenvanrossemupdate dashboard
2017-05-03 stevenvanrossemupdate dashboard, to display placement, colored by...
2017-05-03 stevenvanrossemusing new containernet function to add/remove SAPs
2017-05-03 stevenvanrossemupdate the unittest
2017-05-03 stevenvanrossemupdate Dockerfile to fix Jenkins test
2017-05-03 stevenvanrossemfix typo
2017-05-03 stevenvanrossemMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2017-05-03 stevenvanrossemMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2017-05-03 stevenvanrossemallow multiple VNFs with same name/image but different IDs
2017-04-28 peustermMerge pull request #214 from mpeuster/master
2017-04-28 peustermFix: This iptc dependency in the clean function is...
2017-04-27 peustermThere is a dependecy bug in the new tests. This might...
2017-04-27 peustermFix: Dumb bug. This happens if your commit before testi...
2017-04-27 stevenvanrossemuse unique vnf_id iso vnf_name to identify vnfs in...
2017-04-27 stevenvanrossemupdate dashbboard placement graph
2017-04-27 peustermFix: Let dummy GK consider vcpus field in VNFDs
2017-04-24 stevenvanrossemfix this later
2017-04-24 stevenvanrossemuse id iso name to identify a vnfd
2017-04-24 stevenvanrossemupdate cadvisor args
2017-04-23 stevenvanrossemuse better web server module for rest api
2017-04-23 stevenvanrossemupdate dashboard for demo
2017-04-23 stevenvanrossemupdate title
2017-04-23 stevenvanrossemupdate title
2017-04-22 stevenvanrossemupdate dashboard title
2017-04-22 stevenvanrossemupdate dashboard with graph
2017-04-22 stevenvanrossemchange cadvisor startup args
2017-04-22 stevenvanrossemadd extra startup arg for cadvisor and reset subnets...
2017-04-22 stevenvanrossemadd demo topologies and cadvisor startup args
2017-04-21 stevenvanrossemfix monitoring bug
2017-04-18 stevenvanrossemproperly delete the External SAPs
2017-04-17 stevenvanrossemAdd option to auto delete any running service when...
2017-04-14 stevenvanrossemchange default AUTO_DEPLOY flag to false