Added dockerized deployment as third official deployment method. Created a new Docker...
[osm/vim-emu.git] / utils / ci /
2017-04-13 stevenvanrossemMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2017-04-12 peustermMerge pull request #213 from cgeoffroy/pr/minimize_cli
2017-04-12 cgeoffroyExecuting important commands directly inside the vnfs
2017-04-12 cgeoffroyStricter cleanup
2017-04-11 peustermMerge pull request #211 from stevenvanrossem/master
2017-04-11 peustermMerge pull request #212 from cgeoffroy/pr/fix_manualexa...
2017-04-11 cgeoffroyAvoid using sync inside vnfs
2017-04-11 cgeoffroyProtect backslash to avoid premature substitution
2017-04-11 cgeoffroySplit command to be compatible with container sh
2017-04-11 cgeoffroyClearer error header
2017-04-11 cgeoffroyAvoid using printheader
2017-04-11 cgeoffroyUsing sync and newline when printing text
2017-04-11 cgeoffroyPrint the containernet cli logs when a pattern is missing
2017-04-02 edmaasMerge branch 'master' of
2017-03-28 peustermMerge pull request #205 from cgeoffroy/pr/avoid_bash_su...
2017-03-23 cgeoffroyStricter conditional on ping
2017-03-23 cgeoffroyRemoving debug outputs
2017-03-23 cgeoffroyFix typo
2017-03-23 cgeoffroyUsing sudo when calling containernet
2017-03-23 cgeoffroyIncreasing the timeout while waiting for containernet...
2017-03-23 cgeoffroyFIX pkill is case sensitive
2017-03-23 cgeoffroyChecking that Jenkins supports bash heredoc
2017-03-23 cgeoffroyVerifying that timeout is installed
2017-03-23 cgeoffroyNicer screen cleanup
2017-03-23 cgeoffroyRemoving subshell for compatibility with Jenkins
2017-03-06 peustermMerge pull request #201 from cgeoffroy/pr/add_ci_tests
2017-03-03 cgeoffroyAdding a new ci test