Fix: Added gevent monkey patch to fix issue that blocks
[osm/vim-emu.git] / src /
2019-03-19 peustermFix: Added gevent monkey patch to fix issue that blocks 30/7330/1
2019-03-19 peustermMerge "Ensure timely termination of all flask servers"
2019-03-18 schillingeEnsure timely termination of all flask servers 90/7290/6
2019-03-18 peustermMerge "Provide API for allowing full stack emulation"
2019-03-18 schillingeAlso support the usual CMD field in images 23/7323/4
2019-03-15 schillingeProvide API for allowing full stack emulation 24/7324/2
2019-02-27 peusterm5GTANGO LLCM: Allow port publishing for containers... 74/7274/1
2019-02-20 peustermMerge "Support (simple) classifiers"
2019-02-20 peustermMerge "Log ryu commands at debug level"
2019-02-20 schillingeSupport (simple) classifiers 42/7242/1
2019-02-20 schillingeLog ryu commands at debug level 40/7240/2
2019-02-20 schillingeFixed logging of ryu errors 39/7239/1
2019-02-20 schillingeUpdate MAC address to match the next hop 38/7238/1
2019-02-20 schillingeDo not tag outputs with VLANs for SFC 37/7237/1
2019-02-18 peusterm5GTANGO LLCM: Preliminary fix of the E-LINE configruation. 34/7234/1
2019-02-14 schillingeCreate flow table entries for classifiers 28/7228/2
2019-02-14 schillingeFixed port chain direction and linking 27/7227/1
2019-02-13 schillingeDo not spam the logs with server names at INFO level 25/7225/1
2019-02-12 peustermUnified command execution in Docker containers. 24/7224/1
2019-02-06 schillingeThrow error if SFC ports are not found on servers 55/7155/6
2019-02-06 schillingeSupport identical ingress and egress ports in port... 57/7157/5
2019-02-06 schillingeAlso compare ids against a server's ports 56/7156/5
2019-02-05 schillingeReturn empty `service_function_parameters` field for... 53/7153/3
2019-02-05 schillingeAllow filtering ports by device_id 52/7152/6
2019-02-05 schillingeAllow multiple ports to exist with the same name 51/7151/4
2019-02-05 peustermMerge "Allow filtering of the port chain list by id"
2019-02-05 schillingeSimplified and stabilized ryu launch 58/7158/3
2019-02-03 schillingeAllow filtering of the port chain list by id 54/7154/2
2019-02-03 peustermFix: Flake8 seems to have changed. This fixes a code... 79/7179/1
2019-01-29 peustermFix: 5GTANGO LLCM now correctly applies resource limits. 35/7135/3
2019-01-10 peustermFix: 5GTANGO LLCM now correctly terminates servies. 93/7093/1
2018-12-19 peusterm5GTANGO LLCM: Allow service instanceiation by service_name. 72/7072/1
2018-12-19 peusterm5GTANGO LLCM: Refactoring, cleanup 71/7071/1
2018-12-18 peustermExtended networking parts of 5GTANGO LLCM to fully... 70/7070/1
2018-12-14 peustermFeature #290: Multi-VDU support for 5GTANGO LLCM. VUD... 60/7060/1
2018-12-12 peusterm5GTANGO LLCM: Added VNFD-based start/stop command injec... 55/7055/1
2018-12-11 peusterm5GTANGO LLCM: Refactoring and basic support for CNFs... 51/7051/1
2018-12-03 schillingeReturn actually reachable IP as part of the Floating... 22/7022/1 v5.0 v5.0.0 v5.0.1 v5.0.2 v5.0.3 v5.0.4 v5.0.5
2018-10-31 peustermFix: Fixes broken installation because of third party... 21/6821/3
2018-10-18 peustermImproved IP/E-Line management of 5GTANGO LLCM.
2018-10-03 peustermMinor improvements in 5GTANGO LLCM module.
2018-10-01 marchettimMerge "Modified LICENSE file to be the same in all...
2018-10-01 peustermFixes bug 553: Missing license headers
2018-08-10 marchettimMerge "Added 5GTANGO lightweight lifecycle manager... BUILD_v4.0.1_2
2018-08-07 peustermAdded 5GTANGO lightweight lifecycle manager (LLCM).
2018-08-06 peustermFix: Made Glance-fake API more robust in
2018-08-02 peustermFix: Made OS Glance fake API compatible to latest pyhto... BUILD_v4.0.1_1
2018-05-16 peustermMoved examples folder to project root. 56/6156/2 v4.0.1
2018-05-16 peustermFix: Made port deleteion more robust. Do not rely on... 50/6150/1
2018-05-15 peustermRefactoring: Made complete codebase PEP8 compatible. 49/6149/3 v4.0.0
2018-05-14 peustermFix: Crashbug that was caused by an import of an 43/6143/1
2018-04-25 peustermFix: hackfest_1 deployment using OSM LB returned 26/6026/1 v3.1 v3.1.0
2018-04-24 peustermFix: Instantiate the same NS without emulator restart 24/6024/1
2018-04-24 peustermAdded emulator-compatible services and VNFs for R4... 22/6022/1
2018-01-24 peustermPingpong example for OSM-to-vim-emu deployments. 19/5819/3
2018-01-10 peustermFix: HTTP 204 response must not contain any payload. 12/5812/2
2017-12-21 marchettimMerge "Added example topology for daemonized execution."
2017-12-20 peustermAdded example topology for daemonized execution. 01/5801/1
2017-12-19 peustermFix: Better name-handling of Docker-based VNFs 94/5794/1
2017-11-29 peustermAdded Dockerfile-based entry points to REST API. 41/5741/1
2017-11-16 peustermOpenStack API: Replaced Flask with WSGI 89/5689/2
2017-09-21 peustermFix/cleanup: Added missing license headers and removed... 86/2286/1
2017-09-14 peustermMerge pull request #255 from mpeuster/osm/master
2017-09-14 peustermChanged package names, links, etc. for OSM migration
2017-09-07 peustermAdded a default topology that is automatically called...
2017-09-07 peustermFixed missing license headers
2017-09-07 peustermRemoved outdated zerorpc API.
2017-08-30 peustermMerge pull request #242 from mpeuster/master
2017-08-30 peustermOS API fixes, but v3.0 auth not fully supported right...
2017-08-30 peustermFix: OpenStack keystone API was broken for latest OS...
2017-08-30 peustermadded helper lib
2017-08-30 peustermlet OpenStack APIs work inside a container
2017-08-29 peustermadded REST API endpoint to OpenStack example to have...
2017-08-21 peustermMerge pull request #241 from mpeuster/master
2017-08-18 peustermCleanup. Test update.
2017-08-18 peustermadded stop method to normal REST API
2017-08-14 peustermMerge pull request #239 from FRuffy/master
2017-07-19 peustermAlso consider tag 4095
2017-07-19 peustermFix VLAN range of setChain
2017-07-13 peustermMerge pull request #237 from mpeuster/demo-mano-integration
2017-07-13 peustermFix: Failing tests seem to be related to our specific...
2017-07-13 peustermImprovement: Dummy GK tests are a bit messy
2017-07-13 peustermFix: Tests in SONATA jenkins behave strange
2017-07-13 peustermFix: Removed aoutdated tests which have been replaced...
2017-07-12 peustermFix: Removed some very demo related hotfixes.
2017-07-11 peustermFix: Be more robust if OS ports do not exist in the...
2017-07-11 peustermMerge branch 'demo-mano-integration' of
2017-07-11 peustermFix: Missing interfaces for son-monitor are forced...
2017-07-11 peustermAdded flavor and image delete endpoints
2017-07-11 peustermFix: Naming issue for NetSoft demo
2017-07-11 peustermFix: Workarround for too long interface names
2017-07-11 peustermFix: Glance API was not happy with empty body on POST...
2017-07-11 peustermFix: Disable dummy GK chaining if no forwarding graph...
2017-07-11 peustermBugfix: Log in exception part causes crash
2017-07-11 peustermcleanup
2017-07-11 peustermFix: Name shortening. Still an ugly fix but ok for...
2017-07-11 peustermFix: Update stack.template on PATCH / PUT call
2017-07-11 peustermFixed: OpenStack API now supports very long instance...
2017-06-29 peustermFix: Missing interfaces for son-monitor are forced...
2017-06-29 peustermAdded flavor and image delete endpoints