last changeThu, 30 Jan 2020 14:22:48 +0000 (15:22 +0100)
2020-01-30 peustermUpdated to latest docker-py version. 40/8540/2 master ng-ro-refactor sol006v331 v9.0 branch-bug1511-start branch-ng-ro-refactor-start branch-sol006v331-start release-v8.0-start release-v9.0-start v8.0.0rc1 v9.0.0 v9.0.0rc1 v9.1.0 v9.1.1 v9.1.1rc1 v9.1.4
2019-12-20 peustermFix: Force Python3 in vim-emu container 30/8430/1
2019-12-19 peustermRefactored Dockerfile for much quicker container build 29/8429/1
2019-12-19 peustermFix: Removing Python2 installation 28/8428/1
2019-12-19 peustermFinalizing Python3 migration 27/8427/3
2019-12-17 Rafael Schellenbergmigration to python3 (#1) sol006
2019-12-04 peustermFix: Correctly handle cap_add in 5GTANGO LLCM 16/8316/1 v7.0 v7.0.0 v7.0.0rc1 v7.0.1 v7.0.1rc1 v7.0.1rc2 v7.0.1rc3 v7.1.0 v7.1.0rc2 v7.1.0rc3 v7.1.0rc4 v7.1.0rc5 v7.1.0rc6 v7.1.2 v7.1.3 v7.1.4 v7.1.5
2019-11-16 peustermFeature: Support for ipc_mode and devices keywords... 79/8179/1
2019-11-15 peustermFeature: Allow custom addressing in E-LANs deployed... 76/8176/1
2019-11-14 peustermFix: Remove monkey patching to progress with migration... 72/8172/2
2019-11-14 peustermFix: Fixed version of tinyrpc to not break the Ryu... 60/8160/3
2019-10-31 peustermFixed README 06/8106/1
2019-10-01 peustermCI: Final check if new CI works 08/8008/1
2019-10-01 peustermCI: Test run that should fail during the unit tests 07/8007/3
2019-10-01 peustermCI: Fix in Jenkins file 06/8006/2
2019-10-01 peustermCI: Fix of Jenkins file 05/8005/2
2 years ago v9.1.4 OSM Release NINE: version v9.1.4
3 years ago v9.1.1 OSM Release NINE: version v9.1.1
3 years ago v9.1.1rc1 OSM Release NINE: version v9.1...
3 years ago branch-ng-ro-refactor-start Start of ng-ro-refactor
3 years ago branch-sol006v331-start Start of sol006v331
3 years ago branch-bug1511-start Start of bug1511
3 years ago v9.1.0 OSM Release NINE: version v9.1.0
3 years ago v9.0.0 OSM Release NINE: version v9.0.0
3 years ago v9.0.0rc1 OSM Release NINE: version v9.0...
3 years ago release-v9.0-start Start of v9.0
3 years ago v8.0.4 OSM Release EIGHT: version v8.0.4
3 years ago v8.0.3 OSM Release EIGHT: version v8.0.3
3 years ago v8.0.2 OSM Release EIGHT: version v8.0.2
3 years ago v8.0.1 OSM Release EIGHT: version v8.0.1
3 years ago v8.0.1rc1 OSM Release EIGHT: version v8.0...
3 years ago v8.0.0 OSM Release EIGHT: version v8.0.0
3 years ago v8.0
4 years ago v9.0
4 years ago sol006v331
4 years ago ng-ro-refactor
4 years ago master
4 years ago sol006
4 years ago v7.0
5 years ago v6.0
5 years ago v5.0
5 years ago v4.0
6 years ago v3.1