last changeWed, 29 Nov 2023 11:50:39 +0000 (12:50 +0100)
4 hours ago LuisFeature 11003: AZ for cinder 47/14047/3 master
2 days ago garciadeblasUpdate to remove skip-helm2 option when... 65/14065/1
8 days ago garciadeblasFeature 11006: make juju installation optional in commu... 48/14048/2
13 days ago UbuntuFix stuck when executing a background command via SSH... 27/14027/3
2023-11-14 aguilardFeature 10982: Public Cloud Robot Suite 14/14014/4
2023-10-05 garciadeblasUpdate Robot execution to have a reduced report by... 44/13644/3
2023-10-05 garciadeblasFix setup of prometheus suite variables in prometheus_lib 34/13934/3
2023-09-28 garciadeblasRemove and update tests using it 95/13595/6
2023-09-28 garciadeblasUpdate pip requirements to pass stage2 and stage3 in... 95/13895/1
2023-08-22 aguilardIncrease scale-out timeout in HEAL02 and HEAL03 tests 16/13816/1
2023-07-21 Mark BeierlUpdate version of PyYAML 21/13721/1
2023-07-05 aguilardAdded azure tag in Azure-compatible tests 31/13631/1
2023-06-28 garciadeblasRemove get_osm_info from and add... 88/13588/6 release-v14.0-start
2023-06-28 garciadeblasUpdate Dockerfile to remove libcurl and libssl dependencies 91/13591/4
2023-06-28 garciadeblasUpdate README to clarify the common testing scenarios 92/13592/4
2023-06-28 garciadeblasUpdate requirements after updating osmclient dependencies 94/13594/3
4 months ago v14.0.0 OSM Release FOURTEEN: version v14.0.0
4 months ago v14.0.0rc1 OSM Release FOURTEEN: version v14...
4 months ago release-v14.0-start Start of v14.0
7 months ago v13.0.1 OSM Release THIRTEEN: version v13.0.1
7 months ago v12.0.6 OSM Release TWELVE: version v12.0.6
10 months ago v12.0.5 OSM Release TWELVE: version v12.0.5
11 months ago v12.0.4 OSM Release TWELVE: version v12.0.4
11 months ago v13.0.0 OSM Release THIRTEEN: version v13.0.0
11 months ago v10.1.3 OSM Release TEN: version v10.1.3
11 months ago v13.0.0rc2 OSM Release THIRTEEN: version v13...
11 months ago v13.0.0rc1 OSM Release THIRTEEN: version v13...
12 months ago release-v13.0-start Start of v13.0
14 months ago v12.0.3 OSM Release TWELVE: version v12.0.3
14 months ago v12.0.2 OSM Release TWELVE: version v12.0.2
15 months ago v12.0.1 OSM Release TWELVE: version v12.0.1
15 months ago v11.0.4 OSM Release ELEVEN: version v11.0.4
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13 days ago v12.0
13 days ago v13.0
13 days ago v14.0
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