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2019-03-21 garciadeblasFixed some typos 46/7346/1 bug1511 feature5837 feature7106 feature7928 master ng-ro-refactor sol006 sol006v331 v6.0 v7.0 v8.0 v9.0 branch-bug1511-start branch-ng-ro-refactor-start branch-sol006v331-start release-v8.0-start release-v9.0-start v6.0.0 v6.0.1 v6.0.2 v6.0.2rc1 v6.0.3 v6.0.4 v6.0.4rc1 v7.0.0 v7.0.0rc1 v7.0.1 v7.0.1rc1 v7.0.1rc2 v7.0.1rc3 v7.1.0 v7.1.0rc1 v7.1.0rc2 v7.1.0rc3 v7.1.0rc4 v7.1.0rc5 v7.1.0rc6 v7.1.2 v7.1.3 v7.1.4 v7.1.5 v8.0.0 v8.0.0rc1 v8.0.0rc2 v8.0.0rc3 v8.0.1 v8.0.1rc1 v8.0.2 v8.0.3 v8.0.4 v9.0.0 v9.0.0rc1 v9.1.0 v9.1.1 v9.1.1rc1
2019-01-24 tiernoMerge "allow pci null for op_port_mapping to be used...
2019-01-23 tiernoallow pci null for op_port_mapping to be used as extern... 22/7122/1
2018-12-21 tiernobug 608 Database migration recovering with docker relaunch 49/7049/2
2018-09-27 garciadeblasAdded LICENSE file to root folder 70/6570/1 netslice v5.0 v5.0.0 v5.0.1 v5.0.2 v5.0.3 v5.0.4 v5.0.5
2018-09-18 tiernofix issue 2 at vim_db 03/6503/1
2018-09-18 tiernofix issue at vim_db 02/6502/1
2018-09-18 tiernoDoing vim_db threading safe with a Lock. 01/6501/3
2018-08-30 tiernofix installation problem with openflow-lib script 46/6446/3
2018-08-03 Michael MarchettiRestrict git describe to tags matching v* 01/6401/1 BUILD_v4.0.1_2
2018-07-19 tiernoAllow idempotency for sdn assist network/port deletion 57/6357/1 BUILD_v4.0.1_1
2018-07-17 tiernoSet network to BUILD when added/deleted ports to it... 36/6336/1
2018-07-13 tiernoCapture more exceptions for SDN floodlight plugin 34/6334/1
2018-07-02 tiernoProvide openflow information at network show 10/6310/2
2018-05-23 garciadeblasEmpty commit to make v4.0.0 and v3.1.0 tags point to... 97/6197/1 v4.0.0 v4.0.1
2018-04-27 Paolo LungaroniBug 462 (Enhancement) - Add support for Xen and Unikernels 50/5850/4 v3.1 v3.1.0
14 months ago v9.1.1 OSM Release NINE: version v9.1.1
14 months ago v9.1.1rc1 OSM Release NINE: version v9.1...
14 months ago branch-ng-ro-refactor-start Start of ng-ro-refactor
14 months ago branch-sol006v331-start Start of sol006v331
14 months ago branch-bug1511-start Start of bug1511
15 months ago v9.1.0 OSM Release NINE: version v9.1.0
18 months ago v9.0.0 OSM Release NINE: version v9.0.0
18 months ago v9.0.0rc1 OSM Release NINE: version v9.0...
18 months ago release-v9.0-start Start of v9.0
19 months ago v8.0.4 OSM Release EIGHT: version v8.0.4
19 months ago v8.0.3 OSM Release EIGHT: version v8.0.3
20 months ago v8.0.2 OSM Release EIGHT: version v8.0.2
22 months ago v8.0.1 OSM Release EIGHT: version v8.0.1
22 months ago v8.0.1rc1 OSM Release EIGHT: version v8.0...
23 months ago v8.0.0 OSM Release EIGHT: version v8.0.0
23 months ago v8.0.0rc3 OSM Release EIGHT: version v8.0...
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