2017-04-13 Laurence MaultsbyAccount page RBAC
2017-04-13 KIRAN KASHALKARMerge "RIFT-16181: Project switch must affect non-polli...
2017-04-13 KIRAN KASHALKARRIFT-16181: Project switch must affect non-polling...
2017-04-12 Laurence MaultsbyAdmin: project and user management hide/show based...
2017-04-12 Laurence MaultsbyRemoved disabled option from user management
2017-04-12 Laurence MaultsbyUser platform role modification fix
2017-04-12 Laurence MaultsbyInit RBAC read only: composer
2017-04-12 KIRAN KASHALKARMerge "RIFT-16172: Project switch does not affect polli...
2017-04-12 KIRAN KASHALKARRIFT-16172: Project switch does not affect polling...
2017-04-11 Laurence MaultsbyInitial RBAC plugin display. Included about and debug...
2017-04-10 Laurence MaultsbyNav re-order. Profile page
2017-04-07 Laurence MaultsbyDebug, logging, about added to ADMIN dropdown
2017-04-06 Laurence MaultsbyCheck for role object on users in project-config before...
2017-04-06 Laurence MaultsbyRBAC React Component, displays/hides components based...
2017-04-03 kashalkarMerge "Merge branch 'projects' of https://osm.etsi...
2017-04-03 kashalkarMerge "User profile first pass" into projects
2017-04-03 Laurence MaultsbyMerge branch 'projects' of https://osm.etsi.org/gerrit...
2017-04-03 Laurence MaultsbyUser profile first pass
2017-03-30 KIRAN KASHALKARNOTICKET: Project prefixes on NSD/VNFD
2017-03-29 KIRAN KASHALKARMerge branch 'projects' of https://osm.etsi.org/gerrit...
2017-03-29 Laurence MaultsbyProject switcher and user dropdown
2017-03-28 Laurence MaultsbyProject UI updates and bug fixes
2017-03-28 KIRAN KASHALKARRIFT-15625: API changes to accommodate projects
2017-03-27 KIRAN KASHALKARNOTICKET: resolving with full response in session.delet...
2017-03-24 KIRAN KASHALKARNOTICKET: Need to pass in project name-ref in project...
2017-03-24 KIRAN KASHALKARNOTICKET: Refactor project management API to use auth...
2017-03-24 KIRAN KASHALKARMerge "NOTICKET: Refactor with sessions. Now holds...
2017-03-24 KIRAN KASHALKARNOTICKET: Refactor with sessions. Now holds auth on...
2017-03-23 Laurence MaultsbyCheckbox readonly fix for input.jsx, name click for...
2017-03-23 Laurence MaultsbyRemoved mock data from project, user, and platform...
2017-03-23 Laurence Maultsbyuser mgmt, project mgmt, clean up and styling
2017-03-23 Laurence MaultsbyPlatform Role Assignments take 2
2017-03-21 Laurence MaultsbyProject management bug fixes. Platform Role assignment...
2017-03-21 Laurence MaultsbyUser management and project management build scripts...
2017-03-16 Laurence MaultsbyUser management and project management build scripts...
2017-03-16 Laurence MaultsbyProject Management styling and usermanagement workflow...
2017-03-16 Laurence MaultsbyWebpack-dev-server version rollback. and typo fix on...
2017-03-16 Laurence Maultsbyproject-management -> project_management, user-manageme...
2017-03-15 Laurence MaultsbyUserManagement.js -> userManagement.js reference fix
2017-03-15 Laurence MaultsbyProject Management: UI initial pass
2017-03-09 Laurence MaultsbyUser Management: Change password initial support for...
2017-03-09 Laurence MaultsbyRollback react version in launchpad/package.json
2017-03-09 Laurence MaultsbyUser Management: Styling pass
2017-03-08 Laurence MaultsbyUser Management: Scroll active user into view
2017-03-08 Laurence MaultsbyUser Management: user selection fix
2017-03-08 Laurence MaultsbyUser Management: Create and delete. Styling and enter key
2017-03-07 Laurence MaultsbyUser Management: Create and delete. Initial pass.
2017-02-16 Laurence MaultsbyMerge branch 'v1.1'
2017-02-16 Laurence MaultsbyBug 206 - Creation of VIM accounts in the UI should... 22/1122/1
2017-02-13 KIRAN KASHALKARMerge branch 'v1.1'
2017-02-13 Gennadiy Dubina1. Allow to work behind port forwarding 03/1103/1
2017-02-07 Wesley HirschAdded package target to generate .deb packages
2017-02-07 KIRAN KASHALKARRIFT-15222: Several relative leafref paths need to... 73/1073/1
2017-02-01 Laurence MaultsbyMerge branch 'v1.1' 61/1061/1
2017-02-01 Laurence MaultsbyMerge branch 'pkg_mgmt' into v1.1 60/1060/1
2017-02-01 Laurence MaultsbyRIFT-15487: composer assets download file fix 58/1058/1
2017-01-31 Laurence MaultsbyMerge branch 'v1.1' 56/1056/1
2017-01-31 Laurence MaultsbyRIFT-15495: Boolean dropdowns for composer 55/1055/1
2017-01-31 KIRAN KASHALKARRIFT-15502: Create Virtual Link does not work after... 51/1051/1
2017-01-30 Laurence MaultsbyFolder creation for onboarded packages 50/1050/1 pkg_mgmt
2017-01-30 Laurence MaultsbyMerge branch 'master' into pkg_mgmt 49/1049/1
2017-01-27 Laurence MaultsbyMerge branch 'v1.1' 42/1042/1
2017-01-27 Laurence MaultsbyAdd VNFR name to VM Console Link identifier in Mgmt... 39/1039/1
2017-01-26 KIRAN KASHALKARAdd region support for Openstack account 36/1036/1
2017-01-26 Laurence MaultsbyMerge branch 'v1.1' 31/1031/1
2017-01-26 kashalkarMerge "Composer rendering optimization" into v1.1
2017-01-26 Laurence MaultsbyComposer rendering optimization 30/1030/1
2017-01-25 KIRAN KASHALKARBug 171 fixed 20/1020/1
2017-01-25 Laurence MaultsbyMerge "Merge branch 'pkg_mgmt' into v1.1" into v1.1 16/1016/1
2017-01-25 kashalkarMerge "Merge branch 'pkg_mgmt' into v1.1" into v1.1
2017-01-25 kashalkarMerge "Assets tab hidden by default" into v1.1
2017-01-25 Laurence MaultsbyMerge branch 'pkg_mgmt' into v1.1 15/1015/1
2017-01-25 Laurence MaultsbyAssets tab hidden by default 14/1014/1
2017-01-23 KIRAN KASHALKARRIFT-15418: Removal of gateway-address in input-params... 05/1005/1
2017-01-22 KIRAN KASHALKARBug 157 resolved. 00/1000/1
2017-01-20 KIRAN KASHALKARRIFT-15405: VDU Image checksum should be right below... 98/998/1
2017-01-19 Laurence MaultsbyRIFT-15318: Hide assets tab when there are none 89/989/1
2017-01-19 Laurence MaultsbyMerge branch 'pkg_mgmt' 84/984/1
2017-01-19 Laurence MaultsbyMerge branch 'master' into v1.1 83/983/1
2017-01-19 Laurence MaultsbyUpdateSave functionality fixed 82/982/1
2017-01-18 KIRAN KASHALKARResolving Bug 155 79/979/1
2017-01-18 KIRAN KASHALKARRIFT-15270: Drop downs not working for config-parameter... 76/976/1
2017-01-17 Laurence MaultsbyMerge branch 'pkg_mgmt' into v1.1 69/969/1
2017-01-17 Laurence MaultsbyMerge branch 'pkg_mgmt' 61/961/1
2017-01-17 Laurence MaultsbyUpload and Update status and endpoints updated 60/960/1
2017-01-12 KIRAN KASHALKARRevert "RIFT-15245: Vnfd-id edit in VNF composer behave... 25/925/1
2017-01-11 KIRAN KASHALKARRIFT-15224: UI Composer: Leafref dropdowns need to... 13/913/1
2017-01-11 KIRAN KASHALKARRIFT-15245: Vnfd-id edit in VNF composer behaves strangely 11/911/1
2017-01-09 KIRAN KASHALKARRevert bad merge change 98/898/1
2017-01-09 KIRAN KASHALKARRevert bad merge change 97/897/1
2017-01-09 KIRAN KASHALKARBad merge fix 96/896/1
2017-01-06 Laurence MaultsbyMerge branch 'pkg_mgmt' 87/887/1
2017-01-06 Laurence MaultsbyClose socket on catalog item change 86/886/1
2017-01-06 Laurence MaultsbyMerge branch 'pkg_mgmt' 85/885/1
2017-01-06 Laurence MaultsbyPackage Mananger 83/883/1
2016-12-27 Laurence MaultsbyNO TICKET: leaflist dropdown fix 43/843/1
2016-12-27 KIRAN KASHALKARRIFT-14803: UI Composer: References should be dropdowns... 42/842/1
2016-12-21 Laurence MaultsbyRIFT-14910: Delete logging filter 31/831/1
2016-12-16 Laurence MaultsbyRIFT-15138: Domain field for OpenStack cloud accounts 07/807/1