Added projects to user management
[osm/UI.git] / skyquake / package.json
2017-05-05 KIRAN KASHALKARMerge branch 'master' into projects
2017-04-20 KIRAN KASHALKARNOTICKET: Merging OSM/master to OSM/projects
2017-03-24 KIRAN KASHALKARMerge "NOTICKET: Refactor with sessions. Now holds...
2017-03-24 KIRAN KASHALKARNOTICKET: Refactor with sessions. Now holds auth on...
2016-09-09 KIRAN KASHALKARFixing OSS license issues - 2
2016-09-07 Jeremy MordkoffRift.IO OSM R1 Initial Submission 87/287/1