BUG 386 update to new RIFT platform
[osm/UI.git] / Makefile
2017-05-08 kashalkarMerge "initial delivery of python-osmclient"
2017-04-28 velandyMerge "enable packages" into v2.0
2017-04-27 velandyMerge "enable packages" into v2.0
2017-04-26 Jeremy Mordkoffenable packages
2017-02-16 Laurence MaultsbyMerge branch 'v1.1'
2017-02-13 KIRAN KASHALKARMerge branch 'v1.1'
2017-02-07 Wesley HirschAdded package target to generate .deb packages
2016-09-07 Jeremy MordkoffRift.IO OSM R1 Initial Submission 87/287/1