Config-Agent connectivity status UI fix
[osm/UI.git] / Jenkinsfile
2017-10-05 kashalkarMerge "Added reset-css node module to fix styling" v3.0.0
2017-10-05 Mike Marchettifix bad merge
2017-10-02 Jeremy Mordkoffupdate from RIFT as of 696b75d2fe9fb046261b08c616f1bcf6... 79/5479/2 v3.0.0rc2
2017-10-02 Mike Marchettiapply test_install into method 88/5488/1 v3.0.0rc
2017-10-02 Mike Marchettichange BUILD_SYSTEM to TEST_INSTALL 86/5486/1
2017-09-14 mordkoffMerge "Use GERRIT_BRACH param in Jenkinsfile"
2017-09-14 marchettimMerge "Build on jenkins nodes with label docker"
2017-09-08 Wesley HirschUse GERRIT_BRACH param in Jenkinsfile
2017-09-08 Wesley HirschMake artifactory server configurable in Jenkins build
2017-09-08 Wesley HirschBuild on jenkins nodes with label docker
2017-07-26 kashalkarMerge "use jenkins common pipelines"
2017-06-25 Mike Marchettiuse jenkins common pipelines
2017-03-22 kashalkarMerge "Bug 161 - Deleting an item that was being edited...
2017-03-21 Wesley HirschAdded Dockerfile and Jenkinsfile