User parameters provided at instantiation time for Day-1 configuration mapping initia...
[osm/N2VC.git] / tox.ini
2018-10-11 Adam IsraelMerge changes Iacd2f028,I43a6d573,Ibb6c93bb netslice
2018-09-25 Adam IsraelImproved integration tests 61/6561/2
2018-09-13 Adam IsraelTox + Integration testing 66/6466/11
2018-05-07 Adam IsraelMerge "Return the uuid of the executed primitive" v3.1
2018-04-18 Mike Marchettiadd devops stages for pipeline 92/5992/1
2018-04-06 Adam IsraelNew N2VC interface + updated libjuju
2017-08-15 Adam IsraelMerge commit '19031b24b523c872c1ac367821dc60c950a09755...
2017-08-15 Adam IsraelSquashed 'modules/libjuju/' content from commit c50c361