Merge "Revert "Revert "Remove vendored libjuju"" Major code clean-up, approved by...
[osm/N2VC.git] / Jenkinsfile
2019-11-22 garciadeblasMerge "Revert "Revert "Remove vendored libjuju"" Major...
2019-11-21 almagiaRevert "Revert "Remove vendored libjuju"" 05/8205/1
2019-11-21 israeladMerge "Revert "Remove vendored libjuju""
2019-11-21 israeladRevert "Remove vendored libjuju" 04/8204/1
2019-11-19 Adam IsraelRemove vendored libjuju 27/8127/2
2019-11-11 Adam IsraelAdd license to Jenkinsfile 49/8149/1
2019-04-05 Adam IsraelMerge upstream libjuju
2018-05-07 Adam IsraelMerge "Return the uuid of the executed primitive" v3.1
2018-04-18 Mike Marchettiadd devops stages for pipeline 92/5992/1