Enhancements K8s helm connector
[osm/N2VC.git] / Jenkinsfile
2019-11-18 israeladMerge "K8s Juju connector" into feature5837
2019-11-12 Adam IsraelK8s Juju connector 55/8155/2
2019-11-12 Adam IsraelAdd license to Jenkinsfile 51/8151/1
2019-10-21 garciadeblasModified Jenkinsfile to disable TEST_INSTALL in branch... 63/8063/1
2019-04-05 Adam IsraelMerge upstream libjuju
2018-05-07 Adam IsraelMerge "Return the uuid of the executed primitive" v3.1
2018-04-18 Mike Marchettiadd devops stages for pipeline 92/5992/1