day1-2: rename connection-point-ref to external-connection-point-ref
[osm/IM.git] / tox.ini
2020-11-26 garciaaleUpdates branch master with sol006 branch, introducing... 14/10014/6
2020-06-24 garciadeblasUpdated Makefile and tox.ini to remove duplicated packa... 18/9218/1
2020-02-19 madaviFix install issue in IM, related with python setuptool... 85/8585/2
2018-08-30 Mike Marchettibuild additional osm-im python3 package 47/6447/6
2018-03-02 hobanMerge "Set default true to 'port-security-enable'"
2017-12-12 hobanMerge "Feature 5648: specification of IP addresses...
2017-12-12 hobanMerge "Feature 5649: allow alternative images for speci...
2017-12-12 hobanMerge "Feature 5651: support of MAC address specificati...
2017-12-12 hobanMerge "Add unittest to exercise python compatibility"
2017-11-30 Adam IsraelAdd unittest to exercise python compatibility 45/5745/1
2017-08-04 Mike MarchettiInitial delivery of IM python package build 63/2063/1