Simple strategy to allow address pairs for virtual IP
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2019-11-18 garciadeblasMerge feature5837: support of K8s 82/8182/1 v7.0.0 v7.0.0rc1 v7.0.1rc1
2019-10-28 garciadeblasAdded validation class to IM to be used by other modules 97/8097/3
2019-10-15 Felipe VicensGeneration of .py in setup install for IM import as... 74/7974/8 feature7928
2018-11-07 garciadeblasMerge branch 'master' into netslice 64/6864/1
2018-11-06 garciadeblasRemoved pyangbind and pyang deb pkg from Makefile 78/6578/11
2018-10-01 Mike MarchettiBuild IM docs package 55/6555/4
2018-08-03 Michael MarchettiRestrict git describe to tags matching v* 02/6402/1 BUILD_v4.0.1_2
2017-09-25 hobanMerge changes I3b2a87cd,If344b5e0
2017-09-11 garciadeblasSupport of pyang debian package generation 57/2157/5
2017-09-11 garciadeblasRemoved dependence on pyangbind, because it leads to... 56/2156/1
2017-08-30 garciadeblasAdded description to 07/2107/1
2017-08-04 Mike MarchettiInitial delivery of IM python package build 63/2063/1