indicate that OM-MGMT type is deprecated
[osm/IM.git] / models / yang / vnfd-base.yang
2017-11-07 tiernoindicate that OM-MGMT type is deprecated 46/5646/3 rift300 v3.0.2
2017-10-12 Adam IsraelAdd support for lifecycle upgrade event 55/5555/4 v3.0.0rc14 v3.0.0rc15 v3.0.0rc16 v3.0.0rc17 v3.0.1
2017-09-26 Rajesh VelandyFixed the vnfd-model which removed Adam's changes doing... 94/2294/2
2017-09-25 hobanMerge changes I3b2a87cd,If344b5e0
2017-09-21 Rajesh Velandyinitial submission of RIFT model changes for multi...