Clean up of unused Yang files on behalf of TSC
[osm/IM.git] / models / yang / nsd-base.yang
2018-04-05 garciadeblasVNFD and NSD updated to support VDU and NS scaling... 30/5930/2
2018-04-05 garciadeblasRemove scaling-type. Added description to aggregation... 78/5878/3
2018-03-02 hobanMerge "Path for nesting: external CP in VNFD and NSD...
2018-03-02 hobanMerge changes Iddfdf664,Ifd7f98a4
2018-03-02 garciadeblasPath for nesting: external CP in VNFD and NSD can refer... 73/5773/6
2018-03-02 garciadeblasFeature 639: support of floating IPs 57/5757/7
2017-10-08 Rajeshrel3 IM fixes - removed references to rw-pb and correct... 46/5546/1
2017-09-25 hobanMerge changes I3b2a87cd,If344b5e0
2017-09-21 Rajesh Velandyinitial submission of RIFT model changes for multi...