Merge "Feature 5651: support of MAC address specification in VNFD"
[osm/IM.git] / models / yang / mano-types.yang
2017-12-12 hobanMerge "Feature 5651: support of MAC address specificati...
2017-12-12 hobanMerge "Add unittest to exercise python compatibility"
2017-12-12 hobanMerge "Generation of text and html trees with pyang...
2017-12-11 Adam IsraelSpecify if a charm is a proxy or not 71/5771/1
2017-10-08 Rajeshrel3 IM fixes - removed references to rw-pb and correct... 46/5546/1
2017-09-25 hobanMerge changes I3b2a87cd,If344b5e0
2017-09-21 Rajesh Velandyinitial submission of RIFT model changes for multi...
2017-09-19 Adam IsraelRefactor manotypes:vnf-configuration
2017-06-07 velandyInitial version (Copied from SO Module) 22/1922/1