Removed dependence on pyangbind, because it leads to issues during deb package instal...
[osm/IM.git] / Makefile
2017-09-06 garciadeblasDisabling JSON schemas while they are not used 26/2126/1
2017-08-31 garciadeblasMakefile: clean pyang-json-schema-plugin 13/2113/1
2017-08-31 garciadeblasMakefile: clean egg-info and dist folders 12/2112/1
2017-08-30 garciadeblasPreliminary JSON schemas based on YANG models 06/2106/1
2017-08-29 garciadeblasRemoved unused imports in vnfd and nsd yang models... 04/2104/1
2017-08-04 Mike MarchettiInitial delivery of IM python package build 63/2063/1