Updates branch master with sol006 branch, introducing new SOL006 model classes
[osm/IM.git] / Jenkinsfile
2019-11-18 garciadeblasMerge feature5837: support of K8s 82/8182/1 v7.0.0 v7.0.0rc1 v7.0.1rc1
2019-10-23 garciadeblasFix typo in Jenkinsfile for feature5837 85/8085/1
2019-10-23 garciadeblasModified Jenkinsfile to disable TEST_INSTALL in branch... 81/8081/1
2017-09-11 garciadeblasAdding artifactory server to properties and ci_pipeline... 60/2160/1
2017-09-08 garciadeblasJenkinsfile for IM-stage2 31/2131/2